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Vaginal Irritation, symptoms increase as patience decreases

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  • Posted By: ready2Bnewlywed
  • June 3, 2010
  • 03:45 AM

I would love to get some feedback on a constant vaginal irritation I have been concerned with since February of this year.

Here are the facts:
The clitoris is always tender
The Labia has small cracks or slits that are darker pink, I dont know from dry but almost like paper cuts, itching and irritation from it.
The Urethral Opening looks like there are two small boils on it, darker colored purple spots...
In opening the vagina, the neck looking part with ridges, when pulled up (to see it) has red boils or scrapes on it, looking like sores.

Sexual intercourse hurts
Peeing sometimes hurts - have had blood in urine
Constant feel of a UTI coming (diet consists of 20oz cranberry juice, no sugar and 1 activia yogurt a day - without it the flare up is more vivid)
Vagina smells like garlic for days - reoccuring, random
Dryness - vaginal discharge changes, most common is white
Kidneys have hurt lately
Low sex drive

May be related, may not
Heart hurts about twice a month
My periods have lasted months long in the past, while on birth control - estrogen based. As of this month i have had my period every week, at least 2-3 days.
My mood swings have been huge, daily - totally not feeling like me
Constantly drained
Night sweats - heavy, wake up soaking wet, 3 -4 times a week - had since i can remember
Big random brown spot (size of a dollar bill) showed up randomly a year ago on the right side of my stomach, drs arent worried, looks kinda like birth mark, never had before
Constant stomach pains - Dr's think might be stress related or anxiety, i disagreed - the stomach pains seem to have faded in recent months.

Facts about me
27 yrs old
no children, no miscarriages
Small vagina opening, commonly said by OBGYN
Sexually abused by ex - 4 yrs, constant sex
Tilted uterus
Only been with two men ever - my ex husband (I was his only, he was mine) my new husband (slept with 13 girls/ 5 without protection, with three claiming he was their first)
My husband has been tested for STD's - all tests neg. he holds no symptoms of anything.
I have been sexually active with my husband for over two years
This just started the first of this year.
I have been tested for STD's - (general care physician thought she saw green discharge during pap) All paps -most recent being two months ago came back normal, all STD tests came back neg.
No drug or alcohol abuse
Switched to unscented baby wipes when I couldnt take the pain anymore, havent seen a difference

DRs say its is a UTI, their best guess... no evidence to back it up. I disagree. No bacteria found in urine on three occasions but large amount of white blood cells and apparent irritation. they tested for chlamydia and gonococcus both negitive. all paps normal. I am ready to be a newly wed with a week before my honeymoon and we havent been able to be sexually active hardly at all. Help!

I have pictures but I dont know if i can post them?

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