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Is she Pregnant?

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  • Posted By: hhuber
  • August 25, 2010
  • 05:53 AM

Before I say anything, I apologize in advance for being descriptive of my story, I just want to tell the story with full accuracy, so I can get an equally accurate answer..

So about two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were messing around kissing. She was wearing pajama pants, with underwear underneath that and a panty-liner underneath that (she wears it for cleanliness I guess). So we started to dry hump, and eventually I ejaculated, but I got off of her before it got all over her clothes by going through mine. We kept kissing, and I wanted to see if the **m was still wet on my shorts, so I grabbed myself, and felt that it was still quite damp, and my hand had even gotten a bit sticky. I wiped it on my bedsheet, and I continued to kiss her.

Eventually, I started to rub her vagina through her pajama pants, (so does that also count as gettin off the semen, even though her wetness was coming through?). I sucked my finger for about 2 seconds afterwards (so do you think the saliva killed off the semen?) and after a while that led to me going under her pants and on top of her panties. I rubbed her for a little bit there (maybe a couple minutes) and eventually I went under that and began to finger her.

I was a bit worried, but I was comforted to see on other websites that dried **m is basically dead **m, and I'm pretty sure my hand was dry before I touched her groin underneath her panties.

Last month she got her period and I believe it ended at about the 18th or 20th, her period lasts for about 4 days. However, her period is usually a bit light, very irregular and unpredictable. Today is the 25th (of August)..about 15 days ago (so on the 10th), she told me that she had a pink spot on her underwear (the incident happened on the 29th of july) and it only lasted that day. She said she usually gets that before her period (and her period usually follows after the next few days), and it's happened a few times where she had gotten a pink spot but had no period the next few days (I'm assuming that's ovulation). Then on the 15th she thought she got her period but it was very light (I'm assuming darker than her first spotting, but lighter than her period) and it only lasted about a week..in the beginning it was light spotting with a very slow flow, then it quickened a bit, and then slowed down again. An important thing to mention is that but she's fasting for this entire month (not eating from sunrise until sunset, but stopped as soon as she thought she hit her period.

So my question is, could she be pregnant after the incident I described above? I've read similar posts with answers explaining that the chances are slim to none, but this bleeding issue worries me. I don't want to tell her to get a pregnancy test because she's far more paranoid than me, and she'll stress to ***l, making her next period either miss or weak again. So what do you guys think about this? Hopefully she isn't pregnant, but like I said, the bleeding issue worries me. I'm 21 years old, and there will be no need to insult the thread, I'm sure a few people would be interested to see how this story turns out (with their input of course). Answer as soon as possible please, I've been freaking out since the day it happened.

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