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Chlamydia.... did he cheat?

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  • Posted By: confusedgal2009
  • June 15, 2009
  • 09:05 PM

Ok, I went to the ER about 6 weeks ago for pelvic pain and was diagnosed with chlamydia. Dr confirmed that my std test while pregnant back in 2007 was all negative. Confronted boyfriend. He swears up and down he never ever cheated on me. And i never cheated on him. So I start looking stuff up, and discover that false negatives and false positives are possible. So I'm figuring at this point, either this test was wrong, and I don't have it, or the one when I was pregnant was wrong and I did. Figured I must have gotten it before I started dating him, but this would mean I'd had it for almost 3 years! And I'm probably being naive but I am having a hard time envisioning him cheating. Just doesn't seem likely. Plus he seemed so sincere swearing he hadn't. So I let it go as I'd had it for a while but made him go get tested anyway. I come home from work one day and he has all his stuff packed up, screaming at me that I cheated on him and gave him an std (i haven't been with anyone BUT him for almost 3 years). His test was positive as well, so now I'm sure my recent test was correct, and believe that my negative test was the wrong one, but he wouldn't believe me. Said I must have cheated. Well I think I would know if I had.
So today I start doing some research to try to prove myself. Wasn't sure what good it would do, but I tried anyway. Called Planned Parenthood to see when my last visit was. It was 11/30/06 (6 weeks AFTER I started dating this man) and it was negative then. And I was pregnant and tested for std's in november or december, same year, can't get a hold of those people yet but since they never told me anything I'm assuming that was negative. And since that one resulted in a miscarriage I got pregnant and tested again in 8/2007 and the dr confirmed that one was negative. So I think it's safe to say 3 false negatives are highly unlikely. So I was not the one that brought it into the relationship. And I doubt it would have taken him 1 1/2-2 years to give it to me if he had it first. And since I can only know for sure that I didn't cheat, it's starting to look good that he did. But I just can't see it.... plus I'm afraid if I point out to him that I didn't have it before it will just convince everyone more (he's told his whole family i cheated) since I do have a history of cheating (on my 2 ex's NEVER him) and he never has (or has never gotten caught, who knows). Only he knows the truth, and he's not telling anyone anything but that he didn't cheat. Is him cheating the only option here?

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