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A whole package of issues please help.

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  • March 3, 2010
  • 10:21 PM

This is a long one. But thorough.

So, I think I am on my period? I have no idea. My last period was due on the 26th of January. When that time came around, I did not menstruate nor did I have any PMS symptoms before hand (tender breasts, modd swings, headache, cramps). So my first course of action was to take a pregnancy test. And of course, it would be one that catered to an early detection, "First Response". The test came out negative. So I figured, ok, I'll wait it out, being late is not unusual in women, so, not a big deal. A week passes, another week passes. Than after those two weeks, after urinating, after wiping, there was a very faint pink on the tissue. After two days of light pink spotting, it turned to a sticky brown sludge. This went on for a week. And with that brown discharge came severe mood swings and for 3 days I felt nausea. But nothing severe. It was almost like I was having digestive problems. Because when I burped, I felt better. But when I ate again, I felt like I was going to throw up. Than after that week it all went away. So I took another pregnancy at that point. Still, it was negative. So I figured, "ok, maybe some kind of weird hormonal imbalance, maybe I am just shedding extra lining" I don't know. Either way, I can't even afford to go to the doctor and check it out at this point, so I am saving up. So. . .after the week of nausea, brown discharge and modd swings ended, two later my husband and I had intercourse. While we were having intercourse I noticed that every time he pulled out (sorry for the details but details are important) it started to get dry as he went in. After the intercourse I had a little burning sensation out there. So I figured it was just him pulling out to soon and putting it back in and maybe not being lubed enough on the outside. So I did my normal routine of using creams and such. The next day, it got worse. On the third day I started to notice a yellow discharge on my panties that had an awful Odor and on the tissue as I whiped. And the burning was more severe. So I went out and I got myself a 24 hour relief yeast infection insert. This actually helped. So I just assumed 'Ok, I had a yeast infection. Fair enough". Even though the yellow discharge was something a little different than any yeast infection I have ever had. But still after the yeast infection medication helped, I still had a little bit of discharge. It was white but still had a very strong odor. Not as bad as the odor before, but noticeable. Than the 26th of February came around recently. No signs of PMS and again, no period.

March 1st. . . I go to the restroom and pee. When I wipe, there is pink on the tissue. I look down and in the toilet, there is blood. And not with the urine. It obviously came after or else it wouldn't be on the downward slope of the toilet that leads to the water. So I was like "Hooray I am on my period", put a tampon in and wait till it's time to change it to see if there is anymore blood or am I spotting again. about 5 hours later, I go to change my tampon and there is nothing on the tampon. So I just assume, ok, more spotting. So I went to sleep with no tampon. The next day, in the afternoon I urinate again, wipe and once again, there is blood but it's far more than the day before and there is some clots. So again, I am like "ok, horray, finally, my period". I put a tampon in, and about 5-6 hours later, I go to change my tampon and it is just a little pinkish around it. So I went to bed with no tampon again. This morning I woke up, no blood. I am sitting here now, it has been a few hours, I have urinated twice, still nothing. What is wrong with me? Any advice would be great. And I know, I have to see a doctor, of course, But man, I can't afford. it. My husband right now is working a minimum wage job, I am on unemployment. Senators have cut the extension. We need to save up and move out of our city and back home with my family. I have no insurance. It's just bad right now. A Pap smears here costs $130. And imagine when they tell me I have an abnormal pap smear, what more tests will I have to pay for after that? I just want to make sure that I am going in for the right tests. And maybe hear from any of you ladies of similar issues. Thank you for taking the time to read this very long story.

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