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Very, very long post but please read and offer your opinions!!!!!

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  • Posted By: briggs09
  • January 3, 2009
  • 00:32 AM

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read my post, i know it is VERY long and i apologize but i felt it was neccassry to be able to explain my problem properly. PLEASE bear with me!!!! i really need some answers opinions on this!

around 3-4 months ago i was making a roll-up cigarette and i was using slimline filter tips (i dont know if you know the kind i mean, the small, white,slim, cotton like filter tips you buy to use in roll-up cigarettes) well anyway i had one of those filter tips held between my lips as i had to use both hands to roll the tobacco into shape before i added the filter tip, and as i was doing this the filter tip suddenly went backwards and into my throat. this is the main reason for my concern >> im not sure if the filter tip went down my throat or down my windpipe!!!!.

when it first happened it felt like it was in my windpipe and i was trying to cough it up but cudnt, but after a while i cudnt feel it anymore and i ended up just forgetting about it. however about a month ago i started to feel like i was having to cough a lot more than usual to clear my lungs as if they were really clogged up and also having the general feeling of something just not being right/normal. i went to my gp (i forgot to mention the filter tip!!!!) and he said its probably an infection and gave me a week long course of anti-biotics. just after id finished the course of anti-biotics however, i was sat one day and all of a sudden i got a horrible pain in the left side of my chest which felt like a heartattack it was that bad, it was a saturday so i visited an out of hours surgery and they too said it seems like a light infection and gave me another course of antibiotics. also about 2 weeks ago i started to get a strange feeling as if a lump were in my throat and the feeling as if someone has their hand grasped around my neck it was really strange, i visited my gp about it and he said it is probably anxiety and i shud try to relax a little, ( i didnt mention the filter tip to my gp this time either as my main concern at the time was the feeling in my throat)

after a week the feeling went but it was replaced by this weird feeling where i was constantly aware of my breathing, i just cudnt get it out of my head, its as if i had to constantly tell myself to breath and felt like i sort of had to help my lungs by breathing in that extra bit of air for them its really strange and hard to describe its being driving me insane!!!, i have just been to the gp about this today and he assures me nothing is wrong physically and that im just suffering from anxiety and depression and he has perscribed me a course of mild ani-depressants. ( i meant to mention the filter tip to him today but forgot!!!!!)

however i am still VERY concerned about the possibility of a filter tip being lodged somewhere inside my windpipe as something just doesnt feel right, i mean, i know that normally if something was stuck in my windpipe id be choking on it and violently coughing etc, but if you think about it, a filter tip is designed to allow air to very freely and easily pass through it, so my concern is that maybe the filter tip went into my windpipe but i was still able to breath as the air would just pass through the filter tip, and that maybe the filter tip has worked its way down and slowly started to become clogged with tar, fluid etc over time and only starting to cause problems now.

i dont feel any pain when breathing or coughing but i just get the feeling somethings not right and if i take a deep breath and cough hard it does feel as if something is tryin to come up from deep down. the more i think of it the more logical it seems and it seems very probable that it cud happen. it feels as though its only my right lung so maybe the filter tip has worked its way down and is only lodged over the opening to one of my lungs, as the windpipe branches out into two seperate openings into each lung, the left side feels ok its the right side that feels strange. also it does feel as if the sensation is coming from the area where the windpipe branches off into each lung. PLEASE SOMEONE LET ME KNOW IF THEY THINK THIS COULD BE POSSIBLE, OR MAYBE YOU KNOW FOR CERTAIN THAT IT CUDNT HAPPEN, EITHER WAY, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP, i think that maybe this could also be the reason for the anxiety i have being suffering lately as maybe the worry of the filter tip is constantly on the back of my mind even when im not thinking of it and the anxiety does seem like its related (throat, breathing problems etc) DO YOU THINK ITS POSSIBLE THE FILTER TIP COULD HAVE DONE WHAT I HAVE JUST DESCRIBED???

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