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Mold exposure of 2yrs and now have Mycoplasma Pneumonia!

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  • Posted By: zephyr
  • July 23, 2008
  • 04:30 PM

Hello, everyone.

I am am new to this forum. I have a question here in reguards to being possibly misdiagnosed with Bronchitis instead of Pnuemonitis.
I did have a lot of burning in my chest and coughing. However it was mainly upper respiratory. Not lower. Also I did not have that low deep raspy cough that you normally get. I had it once before. Which only lasted one week.

I also had so much phlem stuck in my chest that it took close to 2months to get it dislogdeged. I had Bronchitis for over eight weeks and was on three different courses of antibiotics before it finally resolved itself. Not before winding up with Pluerisy in my lower right rib cage so bad I could barely stand up or breath in deep.

It was not till this time the VA did a chest X-ray and put me on Astma meds. As well as a Vaso broncho diolater. :rolleyes:

Months before this I had noticed my apartment air seemed damp , as well as the carpet. I notified managment but they did nothing. They also KNEW I had Bronchits. Well, it was not till 5 days later that I noticed brown stuff around my air vent in the living room. At that point I realized it was MOLD!

I hired a mold inspector to inspect my apartment. He himself got a headache while he was there. Said I had a problem. My ENTIRE HVAC was impacted with mold. I had been breathing it for 2yrs. Found Aspergillius Niger, Penicillium and Calladiosporum. The Asp. and Pen. were over 30,000!:eek:

Also he deemed the building to have Sick Building Syndrome as well. Went back 2mths later to retrieve what could be wiped down, with my resperator on! My antique furniture had MOLD growing on it. As well as the wall were I took my picture down.

I am wondering if I did not have Pneumonitis due to the high levels of mold. Instead of Bronchitis. I just had a nose culture done this June which came back with Stapholoccus Auerus. My bloodwork from June showed poss. for Mycoplasma Pneumoniea. She said it is not a recent infection.
Anyone else think it's possible that the mold could be linked to my possible Mycoplasma Pneumonia? Also, do you think it's possible that it could have been Pnuemonitis or Pneumonia, not Bhroncitis?

After moving out my cough never did really subside. It was like a dry cough.

Also I am double wammied. I was misdiagnosed with Fibro back in 96 while on Active Duty. Which I KNEW was wrong back then. They just weren't finding the REAL diagnosis. So after 15yrs., I just found out this June I have Chronic Lyme Disease. So my Immune System was already compromised before moving into that apartment. It was not EVEN two years old, when I was told I needed to move out immediately by the Mold Inspector! It was BRAND NEW when I moved in. I lost over $7,000 worth of furniture. I have a lawsuit going with them. Needless to say. Since they said they are not responsible.:mad: I didn't build it!

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