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How Long Will The Pain Last

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 26, 2010
  • 02:10 AM

In late july i began to feel very weak, and over a period of a few days i was also having difficulty expanding my lungs, although i had no pain at this point.
I hoped this would pass, and waited for a few days, but it got worse.
In order to breathe i had to take quick, short breaths.
The worse part was only just starting, the fatigue got much worse, i couldnt walk, just laying in bed was exhausting.
This went on for a week, and i decided to seek medical attention.
I first went to my GP.
He was alarmed at my appearence, he said i was very pale, and was clearly weakend by whatever was causing my illness.
I went to hostpital, and was put onto an observation ward, where my vital signs showed up as normal.
My blood tests showed an increased white cell count, and a slight lack of potassium, but nothing that concerned the doctors.
After a week on the observation ward, my fatigue was just as bad as it had been on admission, and my shortness of breath hadnt got better.
X-rays were carried out on my bowel area (the doctors seemed to think it was a kidney infection?) and came back clear.
I was starting to experience a dull ache in my sides, but the doctors discharged me.
So weak with fatigue was i that i needed carrying to the car by my father, and helped to bed when i got home.
I suffered this extreme fatigue and shortness of breath at home for about three more weeks, before i regained my strength.
All in all, it was september before i felt anywhere near my normal self.
Then, in mid october, i started feeling drained again, not as weak as before, but still weak.
I carried on like this until early november, when things suddenly got much worse again, the extreme fatigue returned with a vengence, so did the shortness of breath, but this time, it was coupled with stabbing pains in my back, and lesser, but still nasty pain in my front chest.
The doctor sent me for blood tests and another x-ray, the blood tests, again revealed high white blood cell counts, but nothing else, the x-ray on my lungs, was clear.
I couldnt understand this, but my doctor said it was likely to be pleurisy that had perhaps gone undetected, and gave me three courses of antibiotics plus pain killers over the 7 weeks its been from then up to today as i type this.
In those weeks ive had bouts of pain that are just beyond discription.
Breathing deeply causes me sharp pain.
Im due to see the doctor again after new year, and although im not as weak as i was, im still in pain, and im getting a very tight feeling in my throat that almost feels sometimes like i cannot swallow.
I wonder if its not bacterial pleursiy, and its a viral infection (i have had night sweats) how long will i have to put up with this pain and shortness of breath.
Ive not felt normal since summer and feeling depressed and worn out.

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