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Negative HPT but pregnancy symptoms. Help!

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  • Posted By: NurseCourtney512
  • February 21, 2011
  • 11:17 PM

I am 28 years old and have never been pregnant before. I am engaged to be married and not actively trying to conceive...though not really taking appropriate means to prevent it either. We use condoms occasionally or we use the withdrawl method (not effective, I know). If I were to be pregnant, I would be very excited...but it would obviously be more ideal to wait until we are married. Anyways, my cycles are always between 30 to 32 days and pretty predictiable. I never have a cycle that last longer than 6 days and it usually starts out bright red and slightly mucousy with a medium flow for a couple days and then tapers off to dark red/brown for a couple days and then i usually spot for a day and stop. I usually have cramps the day I start that last through the 2nd day and then go away. I had my cycle on Jan 10th that lasted through Jan 14th. I had lots of ewcm from the 26th to the 27th of Jan (assuming I O'd arround those dates). I started experiencing mild AF type cramps and headaches on approximately the 2nd of Feb (~7dpo). I was expecting my cycle between Feb 9th and Feb 11th...but it didn't show up until the 13th (which would be a 34 day cycle). When my cycle started it was completely abnormal. I was still experiencing cramps and I had been off and on for about 11 days. It started out as spotting (not normal for me) which lasted about 12 hours. Sometimes I'd wipe and there was nothing, sometimes pink to light red but only on the tissue. I started getting a little heavier but it never turned to a "flow"...but a little heavier then what I'd call spotting I guess. Not even enough to come close to filling a pad in 24 hours. That lasted about a day and then tappered off to pinkish brown spotting for 2 more days. (Wondering if this could be "decidual bleeding?) I've taken several HPTs which have all come back negative. The weird cycle isn't the only thing throwing me off. Since then I still occassionally have very mild cramps, mild nausea/queezy feeling every day (mostly in the evenings), headaches, tired, hot flashes, light headedness and I am extremely hungry all the time. I have the worst hunger pangs I've ever had...but when I eat I don't want much and nothing really sounds good to me. All of this is totally out of the norm for me. I don't think it's just wishful thinking, because I'd rather say "I do" first. I just want to know one way or another...but the negative pregnancy tests are really confusing me. Also, I'm a nurse, and I work in the neonatal ICU so I've seen some crazy things happen where people didn't know the were pregnant. My mind is running away with me and my wallet is suffering from all the HPTs I've taken. Has anyone experiened anything like this??? Help!!!

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