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dont think im pregnant, but felt kicking

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  • Posted By: jaimemonbebe
  • May 18, 2007
  • 06:22 PM

hey, i already have a 2 and a half year old daughter, so i know what a baby kicking feels like. and some people are saying this is just gas, but ive never felt gas this strong ever. ever since after i had my daughter, ive felt little bubbles of gas that i figured i could feel more because things inside got stretched out. so thats happened for ove 2 years, but the last few months, (while on birth control pills) ive felt really tired and had head aches, probably for the last 5 or 6 months. i figured i had an iron deficiancy from my last pregnancy because i was bad about taking my iron after having my daughter, so i started to take it and i think it worked a little but not a lot, and im still very tired. i feel very bloated to, like i just want to stand there and let my belly stick out, lile it doesnt want to be held in. yesterday i was sitting here and all of a sudden i felt that bubbly feeling but instead of under my belly it was higher, above my belly button and very hard. it totally freaked me out, i put my hand there and could literally feel it. i lifted my shirt and kinda saw it move, kinda like a twitch, but only in one spot. and it continued for a little bit. it felt soooo much like when i was pregnant before, but ive had my periods and been on bc. though you hear all the time about it not being completely effective and so on. so i looked online and found this site, and in a gas forum i found tons of women with the same thing, and some said it could be some colitis deasese, which i looked up and didnt have any of the other symptoms, like bloody stool and worms. and im just worried now. could i be pregnant? and if i was, id have to be like 6 months, and i didnt show much when i was thin in my first pregnancy, now having a belly already, i doubt id show this time. and if i am 6 mos pregnant, would a test even detect the proper hormones to say i am pregnant? and would my bc mess it up?
sorry this ones so long! but yeah, kinda confused, i think i will wait it out a little. see if it keeps happening.
i think im more afraid of what it is if im not pregnant.
not really ready for another child right now, but if one came, id take him/her with all the love i can offer and make it work, and id really rather have another child than a disease or something wrong with my body inside.
i have joked with my bf about us having anotehr baby a few times, because i do want more in the future, we just think we should wait a bit, but now that i got scared yesterday that i was, i was like wow im not joking around anymore, i was so scared and felt so emotionally unprepared for another child.
dont get me wrong, i would make it work if i got pregnant with triplet, but im just saying.
ok sorry i tend to ramble.
thanks for looking and i hope someone has some advice.
oh and i dont have health insurance, my daughter now does, but i dont, would a free clinic like planned parenthood be able to do an ultrasound? do they have that kind of stuff there? or just a pee test? cuz again, im not sure if that would come up right.

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