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Random Moving Pain that Lasts for Days

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  • Posted By: Elidine
  • February 7, 2012
  • 08:54 AM

I am a 31 year old male that is about 230lbs. I sit at a desk for 10 to 12 hrs all day and work at a computer. I have done this 5 days a week for the past 10 years. I haven't had any significant (or insignificant) accidents or muscle sprains, nor have I done any heavy lifting, altered my diet or exercise routine. I have never had any serious injury to any bone or muscle in my entire life.
The last week of December 2011 I woke up with mild hip pain. As the days went on, the pain became worse. After about 3 days I was walking with a noticeable limp. On the 4th day I had to hop on 1 foot just to get out to my car. I couldn't put any weight on it at all. When I did, it sent stabbing pains up and down my leg and into my groin area. On the 5th day I went to the ER. They took xrays of my hip and said the bones were fine. They gave me a shot of pain meds and some take home anti inflammatory meds and told me to take it easy. They diagnosed it as bursitis. Ok, no problem.

Well, it took 2 weeks for the hip to get back to normal. Just in time for my left hand to swell up like a balloon. From about an inch above my wrist down my hand to my fingertips swelled up like a beach ball. I could not make a fist due to the swelling and the shooting pains. I was lucky just to get my wedding band off in time. I couldn't hold a pen or tie my shoes. Basically it was useless. Now, I had been previously told (2 or 3 years prior) I might have carpel tunnel syndrome that wrist (never had a flare up before, just mild aches sometimes), so I bought a wrist splint and wore it for about 4 days before I went back to the ER. They took several xrays from different positions. No diagnosis, but more anti inflammatory meds. They said the bones looked fine.

After another week or so the hand was feeling better. Just in time for my right hip to start hurting. Same deal as before, only this time, there was no 2 or 3 days of mild pain. It went right for the throat. I was lucky that my wife had crutches stashed in the closet, because day 2 I couldn't walk. Thinking that it was bursitis, I self medicated with the anti inflammatory meds I had left over and I made due.
After several days the pain moved from my hip into my groin (no pain with urination) and lower back. I could walk, but not run. I couldn't bend over very easily. Quick movements were painful. At this time I went to my PCP. He advised that I was fat and that probably had something to do with it (lol), he also mentioned RA and advised that he would do a full blood workup on me and let me know the results.
The test came back negative for all the bad stuff (RA) etc, and everything else he said was in the normal range. The only note of concern was my triglycerides. He advised those were quite high and that if I couldn't bring them down in 6 months, I might need to take some sort of medication for it. In addition to the lab work my PCP also sent me to get xrays. He did bilateral hip xrays and xrays of my thoracic spine. According to him, the xrays are fine.

The PCP said that in order to get an MRI, I need to see an ortho first. So I have an appointment with an ortho this week. After that, on to the MRI.

Normally the anti inflammatory meds + 2 - 3 extra strength tylenol knock out the pain for a few hours, so at least I have a break; however, as I sit here and type this, the pain is not only in my lower back, but also my left knee and my left bicep.
Until recently, my diet consisted of mostly fast food, sodas, lots of unhealthy foods. However, this pain has me freaked out. I have been eating much healthier for the past month. I know 1 month won't make up for 10 years of unhealthy eating, but surely it couldn't hurt.

This pains are not only bothering me, but I can tell my constant talk about how the pain is moving and how bad it hurts is really wearing thin with my wife. I don't think she can understand what it's like. Quite frankly, until a little over a month ago, I doubt I could have understood it myself.

Any thoughts?

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