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Profound Breakthrough for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

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  • Posted By: oakneepain
  • November 24, 2012
  • 09:42 PM

Earlier this year I came across a short video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_H7Nbr1CIo4#! about an amazing new treatment for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain. Norm Johnson was in so much pain that it was difficult for him to walk any more let alone go up and down stairs. He was in so much pain that he scheduled to have both of his knees surgically replaced.

By luck, he found out about a new clinical trial happening in Perth, Australia that sounded like it might be worth a try so he joined the trial and the rest is making history. One hour after his injection of Ampion, Norm was pain free and you can see him walking and even climbing up and down a steep ladder as long as 6 months after his Ampion injection.

See OsteoarthritisKneePain.com.

Nothing has ever worked like this before so on July 26, 2012, I contacted Yvonne Lungershausen, the Senior Director of Clinical Services for CPR Pharma Services who actually conducted the clinical trial for Ampion. CPR is a Clinical Research Organization in Perth Australia with 25 years experience performing clinical trials and is recognized by the FDA.

This interview revealed a huge and welcome surprise. Ampion appears to be a profound breakthrough treatment for millions of osteoarthritis suffers. One hundred patients who were suffering from severe pain from osteoarthritis of the knees and who were anticipating scheduling knee replacement surgery were treated with only one injection of Ampion, a natural substance produced by the body to stop inflammation.

Because of the Channel 9 News video of Norm Johnson I was expecting to hear really good news about Ampion™ but what I heard instead was completely unexpected and as you will soon see, a huge surprise.

The first thing Lungershausen said was, “In terms of safety issues, there were none”. “There were no adverse events and I would say that Ampion had an exceptional safety profile”. That all in itself is amazing because EVERY treatment option for knee osteoarthritis has very SEVERE side effects, yet Ampion has absolutely NONE!

When I asked her if there were any surprises she replied, “Yes, CPR has been performing clinical trials for over 20 years.” “Some of them failed miserably . . . some were slightly positive . . . but Ampion has been amazingly positive.” In only a few hours after the injection, the results were not what anybody was expecting. They were shocking. “Patients came in hobbling, limping and depressed from the severe pain, but after they received an injection of Ampion™, they were literally skipping and laughing.”

“One man was in so much pain that he was bedridden for most of the time but after he received one injection of Ampion™, he was able to put on his shoes and take his dog for a walk . . . something he was not able to do for five years. Another man who loved to ride bicycles was unable to ride any longer because of the extreme pain in his knees. He received one injection of Ampion™ and the next day he rode his bicycle 150 kilometers.

Lungershausen went on, “Patients were followed up in 30 days and then again at day 84 with pain questions and CT scans and the data just kept getting better and better”. “Patients describe Ampion™ as a miracle and want to be involved in future trials.” "We were really surprised at how many patients want to be involved in the next trial" Our patients had both knees that were bad and the trial treated only one knee so naturally they want to fix the other knee."

How long each injection of Ampion will be effective is not yet known, but it is known that after 6 months, patients are still pain free and have cancelled their plans for knee replacement surgery.

Dr. David Bar-Or is the inventor of Ampion™ and also the Director of Research at two of Colorado’s three Level I Trauma Centers. During his 30-year tenure in Trauma Centers, he observed that brain swelling from severe head injuries stopped very quickly compared to most swelling and deduced that there must be some natural body mechanism that shuts down the immune response of inflammation. After examining the blood and cerebrospinal fluid of severe head trauma patients, he was able to isolate two naturally occurring amino acids and reproduce them as Ampion™. Dr. Bar-Or has developed several other promising drugs for diabetes and sexual dysfunction and is now working on his most exciting discovery; a promising drug for cancer that has demonstrated remarkable results.

Ampion™ is in pre-enrollment now for its phase III pivotal trial that is expected to be completed in Q1 2013 and is expecting a clearance from the FDA in late 2013 to begin marketing Ampion™ to the 27 million osteoarthritis sufferers in the United States alone and eventually to even larger markets for tendonitis, arthritis and pain and even more.

With profound results like these, Ampion™ is a sure bet to receive an FDA approval in 2013 and destined to become the best selling anti-inflammatory in history in a $60+ billion market making investors extremely wealthy whie at the same time helping tens of millions of patients who are suffering from extreme pain.

Please share this valuable information with other osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers. OsteoarthritisKneePain.com

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