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Left arm, Lacerated Ulnar Nerve, Artery, Palmaris Longus tendon, Partially cut F.C.U. in Zone 2.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 19, 2018
  • 03:07 AM

4 Years ago and still in Chronic Pain-
I have Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome, survived Ulnar Thrombosis from a completely lacerated Ulnar Artery, permanent Nerve Damage from a lacerated Ulnar Nerve, Lacerated Palmaris Longus causing the loss of the palmaris longus muscle, permanent loss of fine motor skills in the ring and pinky finger, permanent loss of grip strength, chronic pain in my left wrist and forearm that only gets worse as time passes, Peripheral Neuropathy, T-2 Ganglion Cysts in my wrist causing compression, a scarred up Ulnar nerve that retracted back two inches and innervated back thru the Median nerve causing a neuroma and compression when muscle and tendon grow from physical exercise and strength training of the forearm and wrist, clawing in the ring finger and inability to lift the ring finger when holding down the middle,pinky and middle fingers, Enormous shoulder pain and pain right were the neck meets the shoulders,Pain at the base of the neck so unbearable I am getting an MRI next to see how bad the nerve is pinched, I had no feeling in my entire palm,ring,pinky and half of the middle finger for a long time, Tingling in the left scapula, unbearable back pains from compensating.
No surgery, No therapy, No meds, No help from any Physician until I moved from the state it happened in.
Now I also have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from the extra amount of information and over usage of the median nerve since taking on the Ulnar Nerve. This is called Sphaghetti wrist

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