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General lower abdomen pain with stabbing lower middle pain

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  • Posted By: Silentme
  • May 6, 2008
  • 09:00 PM

This has been going on for over 2 years now. It is dibilitating and strikes for no reason that i can see. It seems like i have seen every doctor and specialist in the city about this.

General pain in the abdomen, around the belly button and lower. Stabbing pains which will wake me from a dead sleep in the very lower, maybe upper pelvic area. Attacks happen for no known reason due to diet, health or excercise and seem t have periods of flarring where ill be good for a day or 2 then ot of it for a week, out of it being lying in bed in pain.

The only real comfort i can get when an attack happens is to lay down on my side, usually my right side in a cool place. Usually i just bear with the pain till it goes away or I fall alseep.

attacks can last 5 minutes or hours and again seem to be for no reason. I can be driving, walking, sitting, standing or even sleeping and go into an attack and since i had my first one over 2 years ago i have not had a period where it hasnt been with me. It also came on with no warning, i was married with a good job that i enjoyed when i had my first attack and it became worse and worse to where i had to leave my job which ended up in the wife going soon after.

I dont believe it is stress or mind related at all. I was in a good time in my life when this came about, sure there was stress but a healthy amount of good stress. I was in the military previously and had been in some really messy situations with bad stress and handled it with no problems so i have ruled that out.

I have been told i have IBS-irritable bowl syndrome but the meds do nothing.
I have been told it was stress related, again the meds do nothing.
I have been told it was axiety, again the meds do nothing.

I have been looking at Chrons alot and when i read how the bowls flare and come and go for no reason i feel i can relate to that and it describes me, the blood in the stool doesnt fit at all. I seem to move from a soft stool state to normal bowl movements but can not see a pattern with other symptoms.

2 symptoms that doctors always seem to shrug off but i feel are important are: I can not drink Alcohol, it will bring me into an attack. I used to drink a few beers when we would go out to eat or even a beer at night after a hard day, rarely drinking heavily except on occasion.
The second being that when i had my colonoscopy and had to flush my bowls, i was in constant pain from my bowls being empty, since this started any time i get the stomach flu and get bad diarrhea to the point my bowls are "flushed" out i end up in bed for days or weeks getting over it. I know this makes it sound so obvious that a Gastro Specialist would know what this is but i have seen 3 different ones now along with a few internal medicical doctors and have even gone eastern medicine and had acupuncture and taken eastern herbs.

Nothing seems to work, nothing so far in all the medications i have taken will normalize my life enough for me to even feel comforatable or confident enough to leave my home for an extended amount of time or extended distance. It even hard for me to go to the Doctors for appointments. I am turning to you the community for help. I would be for ever grateful for any help or leads to make my life normal again. Thanks in advance.


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