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EXCRUCIATING pain (end spine/back) dr referring out w/no appt for 3 days in tea

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 20, 2010
  • 04:17 PM

the worst pain of my life at the bottom of my spine which to my best guest started with a kink in my middle back that felt like a knot and radiated to that overnight. I cry if I have to sit, lying down is painful and standing is the most comfortable with difficulty stanidng with weight on my left leg. It feels like someone cut off the bottom of my spine when I Try to sit and it's digging into cement against the surface I sit on. I have had the low back pain, however never this painful in this spot. I have been told I have arthritis, a crooked spine, and both parents are in BAD shape with back problems mainly in the sciatic area as well, (Dad at 58 is going into wheelchair after 18 back surgeries for this.

I am 30 yo who has endometriosis and was seeing another specialist for slight inflammation of bladder (intersticial cystitis) during one of 4 laparoscopys about 5 yrs ago and have not had a symptom of the IC since. I have had back pain for about 5 yrs and NEVER once taken seriously for it and no mri's or xrays ever done. The endo was so painful and had a therapeutic laparoscopy and cut out the endo in June. One area of endo in surgical reports reads "right uterosacral with 2 new areas of endometriosis" also was unsure what these 2 comments meant:
"left lower quadrant with SOME ELBOW BEND *what does this mean, is that what it should be* adhesive attachment of the descending sigmoid colon at the pelvic brim".... Cauterization was carried out with all the areas excised or cauterized with hemostasis id, the descending sigmoid attachment taken down"
* can anyone explain what this means? I starred one question above and the otehr is what was taken down? Did they move the sigmoid colon and pin it up somewhere to get to another organ (that's the best way I can describe that)

The prior lap perfomed in read "endo. across the pariatel lower abdomen.... with retraction at the site of the right and left uterosacral ligaments which the bowle was pulled laterally.

A prior lap (2003)that I read the report of after gyn retired said "will follow up very closely with patient regarding bowel involvement" Well, that never happened and new gyn doesn't seem to want to explain what that meant and in relation to this.

I am dealing with PCP sending to gyn and vice versa. Went to urgent care last night and diagnosed with sacroilliac joint pain after 5 min. no rx given and can't see a dr until MOnday and they won't rx pain meds because i dont have my old pcp records so pain center is the 28th. I don't know what to do right now, go to the ER again?

Any thoughts on what this might be as I don't think the drs are taking my concerns seriously and I asked if they could consult each other (they are in the same building both affiliated with same hospital and at harvard). They will not.

I have been experience probably 25-33% more pain since this surgery in the lower back almost daily and I can't sleep!!

I am sorry for spelling as I am too much pain to recheck this as I have to sit to type!


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