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Doctor just doesn't care...? (Pain management help?)

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  • Posted By: AGreatPerhaps
  • July 28, 2011
  • 08:01 PM

I'm beyond frustrated at this point, and feeling more than a little hopeless. I've been struggling for years to get the help I need, to no avail, and I don't have any answers yet, or any real help. I've just gotten back from ANOTHER doctor's appointment where I've gotten no help, and I could just about cry. The one issue I can no longer come close to dealing with on my own (without breaking the law) is my pain, and he didn't even come close to caring. He asked me if I'd "ever tried naproxen". >.> NSAIDs alone make me terribly ill, though. I read they have NSAIDs with stomach guards that can help... but by prescription only, so not too helpful. Tylenol no longer can help me at all because for years it was the only thing I could take that wouldn't make me sick most of the time, and you can only take such large doses before it DOES make you sick. I have NO more options left on my own and I literally can't even walk some days, and on GOOD days I walk with a cane and every movement still makes me want to scream. I get why a doctor would be hesitant to prescribe certain things, but I've exhausted all the options I have, and ANYTHING else I would need a doctor to help out with. My doctor really didn't even care. And I just can't live like this anymore... it's not living. I can't just give everything up because a doctor decides it's not their problem. And I'd be willing to try anything else first, I've even looked into like... self injections of NSAIDs and unpleasant things like that, just so it wouldn't make me sick, but if it comes down to it, ERs prescribe me narcotics when I end up having to come to them, and never have I used them irresponsibly or other than as directed, a script or 12 or so pills meant to "get me over the hump" to see my doctor can often last me weeks because I try to use them so sparingly. I've never given anyone any reason not to trust me with such things. And at eighteen, I don't want to have to give up my life now because of the pain...

Does anyone know how to get a doctor to listen? Know of anything to ask for that they are more open to giving? Anyone know how to get help with pain at all?

It really feels a little bit hopeless. I would do anything to help it. But I've tried physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and all sorts of other alternative treatments... I get as much exercise as is possible, it just makes it worse, I eat right, I do everything I can and it never gets any better at all, and my pain level is never below a 7 anymore, and most of the time I can really just barely walk at all. I can't go anywhere, or do anything I want to do. I FREQUENTLY end up in the ER when pain gets so bad I'm almost delirious, and I just can't STAND it anymore. I must look like a drug seeker, but I haven't a clue what else to do, because the majority of the time I'm absolutely FINE, but when it reaches a ten and stays there two long, I can't help but have this urge to commit suicide and until the pain levels are down I can't be safe, and I have no way of doing that myself, no one will let me have anything on hand so I can cope with my own pain issues. Really have just no idea at all what to do anymore. It can't continue on like this for much longer, that's for ***n sure, but it seems like there just isn't ever going to be anything else out there for me...

Any advice?

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