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Not sure what is wrong with me! Need Help please!

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  • Posted By: metfuel
  • September 30, 2008
  • 02:30 PM

This is hard to describe to other people but I will try and do the best I can and hopefully someone may have the answer to help me.

I am a 28 year old male. I have been experiencing episodes I will call them where I feel like I am the best I can describe it as high, but I don't smoke any pot. I have maybe two or three times but thats it and that is the only "drug" i have touched.

The experience can come at any moment. I can be around a whole big group of people and it can happen, i can be with one person and it can happen. Currently i am at work and it is looming. I am not quite there but I can feel it is on the verge of happening.

Sometimes things slow down. I just feel like I am fading away. I have never passed out but, it almost feels like I will either pass out or die. Obviously I have never died before but it is almost like that. Two times I actually thought I was going to die.

Most of the time I dont feel like i am going to die but I feel very out of sorts. If I turn my head its like everything goes in slow motion kinda of like those dramatic scenes in actions films where everything slows down but the odd part is everything is in super fine detail to my sight. I don't know if my senses are overloading and I can't take it or what.

In all of my life I have never experinced something like this. I had surgery on my head probably three years ago now and I have a plate in my head the size of a half dollar (maybe a little bigger) At some point after the surgery I started to have these episodes.

The first time that I had the "im going to die" experience was actaully one of the few times that I smoked pot. I only took a couple smokes and that was all. didnt even really inhale that much. (not to sound like bill clinton..lol) anyhow I was leaning back on the couch watching a movie and all of a sudden I got the feeling of what I always get the out of sorts feeling which you would assume is the pot taking over. Well i get this normally (and its not a good experience either for those thinking I am jsut high without having to buy anything, and think its cool. its nothing like that) then it was like my brain went into overdrive. My vision got super defined and I started looking all around the room. left and right, faster and faster. I then sat straight up. Not by my own will. and I started calling for help. It felt like my heart was beating slower and slower and things started getting blacker and blacker. I seriously thought I was dying. Eventually I was able to regain control myself and I went to bed and I woke up the next morning.

The second time happened one year later while I was out shopping for a xmas present. I was in walmart and then it washed over me that out of sorts feeling. Then the looking that I described above and the vision. Instead of sitting up (since I was already on my feet) I started walking without any guidance by myself. I couldn't stop myself until it looked like from the edges of my eyes into the center there was a blackness closing in and I dropped my stuff on a shelf and took off. halfway out of the store I got *****d off at myself and forced myself to go back and finish what I was doing because I wasn't going to let it control me. The good thing about that one was at least i didnt sit there screaming help me in the middle of a department store full of christmas shoppers.

Those are the only times I had the most severe of "attacks" The most recent dealings I had with it was last week at a concert I went to go buy some food and as soon as i left my friends i was walking and its like i walked into it. i started walking real slow kinda like you do after a nice bought of drinking and your not sure what is going on. I finally made it back to my friends and the effects of feeling odd lasted about another hour and then after that I felt better than i have felt in years.

Then last night I was driving home from 2 hours away and I was trying to do something with my xm in my truck while driving and I went all out of sorts everything was so surreal. My hearing of what was on the radio was fine, but when my passnger directly talked to me it made the surreal feeling more intense which I really dont understand. The feeling odd part lasted a good half hour. I was able to drive and keep it under control but for the first five minutes it was intense.

So symptoms are:
-Light headed
-surreal feeling
-feeling like i may die (at times)
-feels like a bad high without doing anything
-hearing can get muffled but direct communication with me makes my surreal feeling worse

Can happen anytime anywhere.

-Panic attacks
-Blood pressure
-Blood sugar
-Possibly the plate in my head from surgery

what I am looking for is hopefully someone who has the same type of experiences. I do know someone who experiences the same and they don't know what it is, and they have been tested for stuff and they cant figure it out. I am looking hopefully for someone who has defeated it. I really would like some natural was to get this under control. If I have to i will go on meds for it but I really would like to contain it myself.

Thank you for listening!

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