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low potassium, fast heart rate

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 7, 2006
  • 03:50 AM

Will someone please help me. For over a year I have had hives and muscle pain. After going to many clueless doctors I was put on an allergy medication( the symptoms are now somewhat controlled). I have low potassium, and a rapid heart rate. The lymphnode (sp) behind my ear was also swollen. I have many symptoms but no answers. I just have that feeling that "somethings not right with my body" Does anyone have any suggestion as to what might be going on with me?

Thank you, Jen

(32 yrs old, mother of two)

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  • Jen, low potassium in itself can cause an unbelieveable number of things to go wrong in your body. Muscle weakness, insomnia, appetite changes, fatigue, constipation, "spacey feeling", etc. The BEST thing to do is greatly increase consumption of fresh fruits and especially vegetables. Also make SURE you are using plenty of good quality salt on your food. Like Celtic sea salt or even better, Himalayan pink salt (from natural food stores). This is critical to your potassium levels as your body requires 2 molecules of sodium to usher 1 molecule of potassium into your cells and that is where you need the potassium if you want to feel better. Don't worry, natural unrefined salt causes no water retention or high blood pressure. The Bible says "Salt is good..." God was talking about natural, unrefined salt, of course. Rapid heart rate is almost always cause by a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is very scarce in our highly refined food supply. Most is found in DARK green leafy veggies,nuts, and seeds. Stress and too much calcium will both leach magnesium supplies from your body. To replenish quickly, go to a natural food store and get a product called Natural Calm. Three teaspoons in hot water and you should feel almost immediate relief from rapid heart rate. Stay on it for some time, you will get your levels back up. Then you'll feel great. Don't worry about taking a bit too much. If you do, you will merely experience a temporary loosening of the bowels, and for a lot of people, this is a good thing. Rick rickciauri@verizon.net
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    • November 15, 2006
    • 11:17 PM
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  • I would recommend having your aldosterone levels checked--I believe it would explain all of your symptoms. Low potassium can indicate dehydration--if excessive sweating, palpitations, headaches, you may want catecholamines tested. Bananas are really a great source of potassium until you get an answer.
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  • i have high blood pressure and i guess it's a bit like fast heart rate i use aceon which i buy from drugdelivery.ca maybe you could tell yoru doctor about it and read about it. it's been about one month that i use this and it's better than what i took before.
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  • Jen,I have lupus. don't worry, you probably don't, but some of your symtoms sound like you might. I was diagnosed 14 years ago while pregnant with my only child. You should see a rheumatogist, (artritis). I work and get on with my life just fine, but when I don't get enough rest, eat read meat or when it's raining, I feel tired and hurt all over. I take prednisone and blood pressure medication for now. I am 38 years old and you can not look at me an tell I am sick.Good luck to you and I hope you get to the bottom of what is making you feel bad. Try staying out of the sun as much as you can, it is the worst thing you can do for your skin and it makes your stomach pain worse.Tracy
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    • October 26, 2007
    • 01:22 PM
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  • Go to a nutritionist, have ALL your nutrients checked. Personally, I don't trust doctors, though I trust Nutritionists the most.Based on some of my recent experiences I would highly recommend taking iodine.Let me give you some background: basically my symptoms indicated some sort of autoimmune disease or hypothyroidism (based on a self diagnosis and no tests). I had muscle pain primarily around joints, joint pain which was caused by swelling at the joints that was so bad that my arms and legs frequently fell asleep. it was so severe that my whole arm fell asleep while sleeping. I was perpetually tired, my legs felt heavy all the time, I couldn't remember anything and focusing on one thing was impossible for me to do. I also had the swollen lymph node behind the ear. Also, whenever a thunder storm came over I would pass out, completely, I would have to reboot my brain which is a dicey thing to do while at work. I absolutely had to close my eyes and my brain would have to restart before I could function. All my symptoms would get much worse when I got sick or started my period. With the addition of feeling ill during my period.I read some information on high-dose iodine (UP to 50mg!!!) and how Iodine works works with magnesium. So I started taking Kelp pills at .45mcg each. Because each pill is about 300% of the daily recommended value, I started out taking one a day at night. As a result, in the morning I felt great, but I would still crash back down during the day so I would try each does for a week and raise it if I still noticed crashes. I stopped at 4 pills a day (1.8mg). I still get tired when I miss sleep, but overall I am pain free, alert, and feeling good. I am considering raising my dose during illness and menstrual cycles, but at the moment I feel I am doing well.I also avoid goitrogens (iodine blockers) in my foods and eat antigoitrogenic foods like avocado.I hope this helps you.
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  • Hypokalemia means low serum potassium (low blood levels of potassium). It is a potentially fatal condition in which the body fails to retain sufficient potassium to maintain health.http://www.sideeffectsguide.org/low-potassium-side-effects/The condition is also known as potassium deficiency.It may result from a number of conditions.(Wikipedia)Hypokalemia is serum K concentration All the best
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    • September 8, 2010
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  • Hi JenI have never posted anything, only just read but today I felt like I should. My siblings and I have in the past year discovered a gluten sensitivity not celiac but the sensitivity -as they call it has caused all kinds of grief. Hives, low potassium, irregular heart beats, fatique, constipation, etc,,, the list is endless but I have gotten allot of help from a book called WHY DO I STILL HAVE THYROID SYMPTOMS? WHEN MY LAB TESTS ARE NORMAL BY DATIS KHARRAZIAN, DHSc, DC,MS. I know this sounds like a bizzare request but you will not believe the information in there. He has done endless case studies. He has linked thryoid function to a gluten intolerance it is absolutely unbelieveable and he has science behind it and allot of suggestion to better improve your state of living.I hope this helps.Ton
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    • December 29, 2010
    • 07:02 AM
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