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Can you figure out what's wrong with me? -Urinary tract perhaps?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 9, 2006
  • 05:53 AM

For the past few years I have suffered from chronic Urinary Tract infections. There are a few things that make me wonder if they are actually something else. I am suffering from the symptoms more and more frequently. In the past month and a half I have had 2 full-blown "infections" and I'm starting to feel symptoms again.

I suspect that my case may be different because of the sudden onset and increased severity of the infections, and puzzling test results.

I am a 25 year old female

Ok, here are my symptoms
1) uncomfortable cramping, always on the left side. It initially feels like period cramps, and increases in severity

2) difficulty urinating without pain, except for some brief cramping after expelling the fluids when my bladder has not been emptied completely - pretty rare to feel pain though

3) frequent and urgent urination

4) a thick and smooth white discharge that leaks from my urethra. I am certain of this. It is not vaginal disharge, and I only get it when I experience the other symptoms

5) external vaginal irritation. No itching, just burning that usually is the first symptom, and is sometimes quite severe. It only lasts for the first day - no unusual discharge at all.

6) stabbing back pain in left kidney area,

which induces

a) nausea
b) a "poisoned" feeling throughout body
c) Often develop cold-like symptoms, with no fever - sore throat, congestion, and difficulty breathing - asthma

7) Do not respond to any anti-biotics tried, except for Macrobid, which seems to clear up the symptoms in about 2 days

8) Blood in urine

9) No infection ever found in urine when taken to lab - many tests have been conducted


1) The "infections" are often not going away for weeks, even when the anti-biotics are helping to prevent worsening symptoms

2) Increased fatigue during infections

3) Stomach pain - acidic feeling

4) Severe heartburn not improved by acid reflux/ulcer medications

5) Chronic but mild lower stomach cramping

6) So far 2 months of chronic diahorrea - seems to be worsened by certain foods, alcohol (for sure), and stress

7) As mentioned - increase in frequency of urinary/kidney symptoms to average at least 1 a month, when it was about 1 every 4-8 months previously

8) Tender areas on side of waist under ribs - feeling of pressure - spleen?

9) Frequent pulsing sensations in spleen and kidney area - again just on the left side

10) Very tender back in kidney locations ( mostly left side), feels swollen, and so tender I cannot side against them or lie on them - different from internal kidney symptoms. These are certainly external.

Beyond this you probably don't need to bother reading, but if it helps


Chronic and most likely unrelated symptoms

a) Frequent yeast infections as of age 3 at the latest - probably younger

b) Frequent bladder infections starting at age 3 at the latest, which ended around age 8

c) slight heart murmur

d) difficulty healing - including months of necrosis treatment following surgery, and required scar revision - scar easily, wounds that take far too long to heal or seem to get worse rather than heal

e) Re-occuring rash, mostly on trunk, that the dermatologist didn't recognise - circular rings of little red bumps, do not hurt or itch at all, slightly dry and raised, slightly paler in the center, very small to the largest, - the size of a quarter. At one point it covered most of my body like chicken pox, and stayed with me for about months before fading - no allergy connections found


3) Life-long major depression/extreme insecurity, seriousness, occational paranoia, distractibility/dreaminess, hallucinations (possibly)

4) Very very poor memory of life - described as amnesia by psychologists

5) Very poor ability to retain information - will often forget speaking/or what was said minutes before, and even worse in the long term

6) chronic migraines

7) abnormal EEG showing unusual "epileptic" discharges in 2 EEGs, but not in 2 others - results on and off - EEG taken to test for explanations for memory loss/confusion/ and eyes rolling back into head very frequently

8) Severe bipolar symptoms beginning at age 20 - including severe psychosis - which lasted for about 3 months at its worst, and has tapered off but not gone away

9) A slowly developing stutter, and slowly degrading speech, speech recognition, and reading/writing ability. Slowly losing grasp of punctuation, and forgetting common words or relying purely on common words- some times worse than others

10) worsening "mental fogginess" and headaches

11) no abnormalities shown on MRI 10 years ago

12) chronic anxiety - life-long


So yeah. That's a lot of symptoms. I doubt that the mental symptoms are related, but hey, you never know.

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