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15yo boy, leans forward when walking,often swinging one leg ahead, poor muscle tone, avoids eye cont

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 4, 2014
  • 02:44 PM

He has fantastic memory and reads well. Performs at or above grade level but is a very odd person. He doesn't seem to have any idea of how others see him and no idea of how to imitate others' speech and actions or even that it would be socially beneficial if he DID try to imitate others. He has 2 congenitally missing front teeth, his remaining top teeth seem to bend outward; he has a speech impediment (water is "wautha", shirt is "shaut" literally is "liwally"; is extremely emotional and overly sensitive,(whines if one tries to correct his speech or table manners) he walks with one shoulder raised with upper spine stooped, leaning his upper body slightly forward as if trying to catch what you're saying;often bounces from one foot to the other while holding out one hand and then the other as if holding a tray of drinks, and pushes his head forward and back during a conversation like a chicken; avoids eye contact when talking, hands are flat and thin with long fingers, poor general muscle tone, he doesn't seem to bend his fingers at rest, almost like the hands of a quadriplegic, poor vision, unable to lift one leg and arm up at the same time, cannot complete more than 2 steps of a task (drive truck to barn, put rope in barn, lock barn. He forgot the rope entirely), but can recite an entire chapter of book word-for-word, while swaying from side to side.
He once got a toothpick partially stuck in his throat and let out a blood curdling, panicked scream in a crowded restaurant, completely unaware that people were watching him in horror. A sibling once playfully pushed him off a boat into a lake and he flailed around, screaming, despite being a good swimmer. He simply is incapable of doing 2 things at once, like talking and putting something in the refrigerator. (He put a bag with sliced watermelon and a can of deodorizor in the freezer and also didn't notice that the freezer door was not closed.) He got up in a theatre and walked across the legs of 30 people instead of just 2 people on the other side ofhim, then across the stage in front of the movie screen to get back to his seat, totally unaware of what people must think of him.
Although he often seems to be in his own little world (leaning way over his dinner plate blowing bubbles in his drink with his straw while sticking his elbow straight out behind him with no regard to the fact that people cannot easily get around him; he panics at the thought of being left out of an activity, especially if it involves eating. He might have a meltdown if he finds out someone in his family ate at a restaurant without him.(acts like a 5-year-old being told he must have an injection)
His parents seem to be in denial that something may be seriously wrong with him; therefore they make many allowances for him and don't demand as much of him as his siblings. Friends and relatives ask privately if something is "off" about him. Children avoid him at social activities. The thought of him driving on a highway terrifies me. Any ideas of what can be wrong with him? Autism? some genetic syndrome? He has several siblings who are "normal".

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