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Normal? I think not...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 4, 2010
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(Not sure if it belongs in this section)

Hi, all. I have a daughter who is only 13 years old. She is teen, but she completely hates teens in general. She says that they are "Immature". We went to the park the other day and there were teens there just crowding the little kid area. First of all, we were at the park because my younger, 9-year old daughter wanted to go. I wanted to find another park, because I didn't wanna bother the teens, but before I had the chance, my 13-year old went over to the group of teens. Her face didn't show any emotion, except irritation. She had her hands in her in her pockets and she told them this
"Hey! In case you baka haven't noticed, you're not wanted here, so why don't you hurry up and get out?"
She had an argument with the teens, and eventually, she won. When we were in the car I asked her what 'baka' meant. She told me that it means idiot(s) in Japanese.
Yes, now here is one of the strange parts of her. She is an 'Otaku'. That's what she calls it. She's completely obsessed with anime, video games, and manga; No one in my family has ever been interested in that, and I don't know why she is. But, this isn't really the problem.

When I was younger, and my daughter was on a new born, I was walking to get somewhere, when one of those psychic readers pulled my up and looked at my child. The lady smiled and then looked at me she said 'You must talk alot with this one. I'm sure she'll have many things to say'.
I never understood what that lady meant. Throughout the years, my daughter has been very quiet. She doesn't ever talk to me about anything; in fact, she doesn't talk to anyone about anything. She is very calm. She doesn't get mad about almost anything, and she thinks things through.

My daughter is Abnormally mature for her age. She talks about things that I don't even understand very well. Another thing is, she is an Atheist. I don't know why, she just is. Now, my family always goes to church and I always bring her, even when she was a little girl. She grew up learning all about the bible and stuff, but she's an Atheist. I try to touch the subject of why she is, but she never talks about it. She just says that the bible will always just be another book to her, and that God will always be just another myth.

She is very blunt, also; but she is also extremely observant . Just recently, I moved in with a friend of mine, and we are now roomates. Now, Everyday, my roommate brings her boyfriend here and my daughter doesn't like it. My daughter is always saying how my roommate spends more time with her boyfriend, then with her own 2 daughters (she has two little girls). Now, I can't really argue with her, because it is true. I wouldn't say that my roommate is the best mother in the world, but it's none of my concern. One day, my daughter told me that my roommate puts her girls in the day care on her days off, and that she doesn't pick them up until 7:30 PM (which is the time that the day care closes); she told me that my roommate spends her days off, with her boyfriend. The reason that my daughter is mad at this, is because she doesn't believe in love. Or, rather, she believes in the love of a family, more then that love of a boyfriend that isn't going to last.
Everyday, when she walks by my roommate and her boyfriend in the kichten, she puts on a face that shows no emotion. She watches them, and waits. After a while, she stands on one leg, and slightly picks up the other (keep in mind she wears long jeans), and she uses her leg that is slightly lifted to rub against her leg that she is standing on (Like L, from Death Note). When she does this, it is a pure sign that she is completely sure of something. Then she tells my roommate and her boyfriend, that they are only going to last for 2 more weeks.
Exactly 12 days later, they broke up. On the day they broke up, my roommate came in that day crying because her boyfriend had cheated on her. My daughter watched her come in, she didn't say anything. Her face showed no emotion and then she walked into my room. She told me
"I was off by 2 days..."
She said it with such a bored voice tone, it almost scared me.

Her biggest problem is being able to tell her own emotions; another one, is trust.. She can read others' emotions very easily, and this way, she knows people very well. But she can never tell what she is feeling. Trust. She has serious trust issues. This started when her grandpa (my dad), promised her that they would always be together. 2 years after her promised this, he died of brain cancer. She was crushed (she was 6). I'm not all that sure about why she had such an attachment to my father; but whenever I had to go to work at night, she would be scared to sleep alone, so my dad always said that he would protect her from the monsters that she was afraid of. They also went to many places together while I was at work, and he also helped her with her homework when she didn't understand. Since her grandpa died, she just hasn't been the same. No matter how much time passes by, she eventually puts on an emotionless face some times; though I'm not completely sure why she does it.

I sleep in the same room as her, and recently, I was about to go to sleep (my daughter was already sleeping) and then I heard her muttering in her sleep. It sounded like she was saying 'Un-Stable'. I tried not to worry about and I went to sleep.

Any thoughts? Can you infer some stuff? Can you answer some of my doubts? Do I need to add more info? Please, help. And thank you.

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