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Are my daugthers behaviours OCD?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 27, 2009
  • 07:23 AM


I'm wondering if anyone can help me. My daughters behaviors indicate to me she might have a psychological disorder, more specifically OCD.

When she was young and played with her toys, often times she would sit in the corner and sometimes just stop playing and stare at the toys with a lot of focus for a very long time. She always said she was thinking. She still does this sometimes now. She will be thinking, but she will just freeze and focus on something for a while. I ask her what she's doing now, and she says it's like she sees images in her head and is just playing it over and over again for whatever reason.

Not as much now, but when she was young she wanted to know the exact placement of all her toys and things. If she couldn't find anything she became anxious and worried. She would cry and just completely break down. Sometimes she would wake up at night and look around to make sure everything was where she left it.

She also sits in her room and listens to music, but the same song over and over, almost for hours at a time.

My daughter is also a bit of a "fanatic" I suppose. When she becomes interested in something, she becomes completely absorbed by it. For example, since she was young she admired Sonic the Hedgehog, and even now, more than 10 years later, she is still collecting all kinda of toys and video games and sticker etc. Even the smallest things involving Sonic, like the brief mention of him in a magazine is enough to make her just impulsively purchase the item. If she doesn't get it, she becomes really anxious and sometimes physically ill.

Aside from Sonic, she will become interested in things like television shows, books or movies...simple things like a particular series. Again, wants to own or have experienced everything that relates to it. For example, she read a comic series, and watched it as a television show, and one day impulsively spend $100 to buy the whole comic series, and is still constantly searching for the DVD sets. She becomes anxious when we go into a particular mall that sells her special interest items until I take her to that store.

She also becomes anxious from simple things like missing an episode in a series of a tv show, or if she watches certain episodes on DVD's in the wrong order. It's not just a normal frustration, but a full out panic and discomfort.

Another problem, which I think will really affect her, is her attachment and obsession with people. She is obsessed with her ex. Sometimes when she thinks of him, especially with him being in a new relationship, it makes her anxious to the point of crying. Her chest tightens, and she can't breathe or sleep. Even seeing a certain actor she loves (actually believes she loves) with another women, or hearing about a potential relationship, makes her somewhat as anxious, where her chest tightens, heart rate increases and makes her angry/upset and nervous.

I thought these might be normal teenage behaviors, but I'm slightly concerned as they seem to just be behaviors from childhood developing, and I don't want them to get worse.

Thank you for your opinions.

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