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Facial pain caused by dry nose

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  • Posted By: Johnny C
  • March 23, 2009
  • 00:05 PM

I've had this since I can remember. It's acute pain to either side of my nose extending up to the corners of my eyes. My nose fells blocked. But it's not the usual sinisitus, my nose is dry rather than runny. My tear ducts also produce little liquid at times of pain.

I'm going to list the accumulated knowledge I have of it.

My nose is usually on the dry side. About once a month I'll sneeze a lot, my nose will dry up completely and for 3-4 days I have this severe pain. It's usually worse in one side of my face, usually the left. If it's on the right it's easier to cure with NSAIDs.

NSAIDs are the only real cure for the pain, paracetomol eases it temporarily but then the pain worsens. To cure it for the day I have to take 800mg of ibuprofen.

It's accompanied by neck and mid back muscle pain, like a mild cramp. If I try and feel where the pain is it only feels like it's in one place, so I don't know if it's a common nerve.

I have recently discovered how to relax the muscles behind my nose (that's the only way I can describe it) which seems to ease the passages and allow some moisture in. I know doctors will flip but I also poke the arm of my glasses into my nose as far as I can (4inches or so) - this makes me sneeze which again alleviates it somewhat.

I've also found (in the last few days) that trying to relaxe the muscle across my back at the bottom of my ribs (diaphragm?) has a similar effect.

I irrigate regularly with a WaterPik with a rhinisitis attachement using usually fresh warm water or a solution when I can be bothered to make one up in the morning.

A couple of times I've had wide-spectrum antibiotics (for other things) the pain has gone for months. The best 'cure' I had was (again doctors look away) when I had some cocaine mixed with amphetamines; I irrigated the next day and a lot of dark coloured gunk came out, and I was pain free for 18 months which was absolute bliss; normally I have to make sure I've a good supply of ibuprofen at home, work, in the car and in my pockets (which can't be good for me!) I have to say that I don't take cocaine regularly, once every few years at most.

I do smoke but I've gave up in that time for 10 years and it made no difference.

Strong solvent smells do exacerbate it - excessive perfume, aftershave, and the smell you get from spray paint aerosols. The worst headache ever was after being in a disused mine where we were painting signs towards the exit with white paint; the lack of air movement meant that when we returned to the exit I could smell the solvent all the way; the headache was so bad that I would have committed violence if I hadn't been able to get to some painkillers quickly.

I don't suffer from any allergies that I know of, white bread exacerbates the condition so I don't eat it. I certainly don't suffer from hayfever - sometimes I feel it would be a blessing!

The only other thing I can think of at the moment is that when I have an attack, there's little discharge from the inner corners of my eyes; I know that the attack is over as I'll wake up and there with be crusted rheum in the corners, removing that is often a little painful (but nice pain as my nasal congestion lessens when it's done).

Anyway, my tinpot analysis is that there's something wrong with my nasal passages that allows mild infections to build up as there isn't enough mucus to wash them out, and the inflammation causes the pain.

Why I also get pain in my neck and back I don't know, so I'm guessing that there's either a common nerve or whatever infection is lodging in my face is also in my neck and back.

When I was a kid I went to the doctors a few times; the doctor would examine me, then send me to an optician. The optician would give me a test but then say there's nothing changed about my eyes, go back to the doctor.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to possible causes? I've done research into allergenic/non-allergenic rhinitis, but most of them indicate a runny nose, the only ones which didn't was Sjogren's syndrome (but my salivary output is normal) or some physical abnormality in my nose.

I'm writing here as I have (for the next two months until I get made redundant) access to private medical care in the UK, so if I can go to the doctor which some idea of who to send me to it may mean I get sorted before I no longer have access to the private medical care, if I jsut go with no real idea it'll take that long through running through standard tests/visit to an optician.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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