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Wife falling with no dizziness or loss of consciousness -many tests with no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: bige_53
  • September 19, 2011
  • 10:04 PM

My wife recently started falling without any warning without losing consciousness or feeling dizzy. The "episdoes" started a couple of months ago but have increased in frequency lately (up to 3 per day depending on how much she is up and walking around). These only happen when she is standing (no issues at all when sitting) - from what I have observed she simply goes limp and falls to the floor (as I have been holding her hand twice while she has fallen and she just went limp). She fell at work and they took her to the hospital where they ran a Cat-scan but found nothing an released her as she already had an appointment with a neurologist. The neurologist has done several MRI's, an imaging scan of her carotid arteries, and EEG. She went to her primary doctor shortly after a fall and they did an EKG where they spotted an irregular heart beat...they refereed her to a Cardiologist who did their own EKG, heart imaging test, and she wore a heart monitor for about 10 days (and fell 4 times while wearing it) - all test came back normal (the irregular beat showed up occasionally but was told it was not causing any issues and it did not require any treatment. Went back to Primary doctor who ordered another MRI and again nothing was found...referred to an Endocrinologist (sp?) to test for thyroid/pituitarty hormone issues and he ran 7 vials of blood and only found she had a slight Vitamin D deficency...then referred to a Cardiologist who specilized in the electrial impulses that drives the heart - he looked at tests and said it had nothing to do with her heart or the electrical impluses...went back to Neurologist and he says it has nothing to do with her brain or nervous system...primary care doctor says he has run all tests and can do nothing further to help her. Meanwhile she is put on leave at work due to the risk of injury by falling and is not getting paid or eligible for disability because she cannot be admitted to a hospital or anything specific found wrong. Additional symptoms are that she is slightly confused after a fall and has indicated memory issues and some hearing issues (although Primary has looked at her ears several times) . She is 5'9" 175 pounds - she suffers from Anxiety (treated with Xanax during the day and Trazadone/Temazapan at night to allow her to sleep through the night - she has been on the night combination for 10 years) Depression (Pristiq) ADD (Adderall XR)...any ideas?

The doctors are stumped and a couple have suggested she go to the Mayo Clinic (or someplace like that - that will look at her wholistically) but we don't reall have the money to pay for that as insurance would not pay and we live in Houston Texas so the flight alone would be very costly.


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