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Thigh Pain/Discomfort - Burning, Numbness, Tearing

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 24, 2011
  • 07:15 AM

I am a 27 year old male. I am overweight/obese. I am a large build, broad shoulders and chest - the last time I saw a doctor, he said I should ideally be at a weight of 220-230 lbs. I have had a broken left wrist, when I was 14, and nothing broken or sprained besides that wrist.

Since I was in my late teens I have had an intermittent problem with my right outside thigh. I believe the first time I noticed the problem was when I was 17. Prior to the first time I noticed the problem, in the same year, I played high school football and was involved in a car accident.

I did take a few hard hits during football but nothing that ever caused a blackout, concussion, or any noticeable injury. I experienced no extended amounts of pain during the time and didn't have any movement issues. None of the hits were to my lower body and I never had anyone land on my legs with a pressure that was uncomfortable or painful.

The car accident was when riding with a friend, I was on the passenger side front of the vehicle. We were struck on my side of the car. I knocked my head against the top side of the door frame but did not blackout, had no balance issues and, within seconds of the accident, I had opened my door and exited the vehicle. I was moving around without being impeded. I realize that adrenaline can diminish or completely hide pain. On-scene paramedics gave me a look and said that they could see no sign of injury, motor skill issues, or impaired thought. I did not experience any pain in the weeks following the accident. There was worry over my legs being injured but, aside from this thigh problem, I have never had any issues with my legs. The worry was the result of the passenger door being pushed in and the dashboard being pushed back. To the on-scene emergency workers, they were unable to comprehend how I was able to fit inside the car with as small of a space it was after the accident. I tried entering the car a week later and could not get back inside the space.

Football and the accident are the two things that happened which I thought may be eligible for causing damage to my leg, if indeed the problem with my thigh is damage from outside trauma and not something caused by disease, my size, or genetics.

The problem with my outer right thigh is intermittent. It comes and goes, anywhere from a few months in between occurrences, up to 14 months as the longest spacing.

When the problem occurs, I get a feeling like something is ripping or tearing just under my skin. The feeling goes laterally across the side of my thigh. The ripping feeling is the most intense part, being very quick and not at a pain level that would cause me to cry out.

After the rip, for anywhere from a few weeks up to 4-5 months, I experience sporadic sensations in my outer thigh. The area feels numb, tingling when touched, being noticeably sensitive to a light-moderate pressure from my fingers. At times I get a very intense tingling and a feeling as if there is a burning just beneath the skin. The affected area starts just a couple inches below my hip and ends around 4 inches above the top of the knee.

The numbness and sensitivity to pressure is most intense towards the front of my thigh and lessens the closer to the back of my thing I get, cutting out completely before reaching the back of the side of my thigh.

During the time that I experience these symptoms, the burning sensation can happen for anywhere from 5-120 minutes at a time. It can happen multiple times per day (usually when reclined or laying down) or it can go up to a few days before recurring. The numbness is always there during the lengthy occurrences, as is the tingling when touched and sensitivity to pressure. The tearing pain can happen multiple times during the same overall occurrence. The tearing pain always initially starts and recurs when I have been laying, reclining, or sitting and move to stand up, usually if I have to rotate to a side such as sitting up in bed and turning to place my feet on the floor.

Elevating my leg can sometimes relieve the burning while other times it seems to do nothing. A single 200mg Ibuprofen tablet at times can help with prolonged burning sensations while other times it seems to have almost no effect. I have tried taking 2 of the tablets before and it seems to have little change over taking one. Occasionally, rubbing the area (applying a slow firm pressure with my palm) can alleviate the burning for a time. While rubbing the area, I usually experience discomfort from the tingling and sensitivity to pressure.

The side of my right thigh has a bit of a depression to it, noticeably more-so than the side of my left thigh. I sometimes experience an intense burning that gets to what I would consider to be a moderate pain level when I have been on my feet for more than an hour. Typically sitting down for 5 minutes is enough time for the burning feeling to subside and I can continue on my feet without further issue for at least another hour or two.

I experience no weakness or loss of movement in my legs at any point. My right leg and left leg can both independently lift similar amounts of weight. I notice no other pains or discomfort during this problem with my thigh. I am fairly flat footed but experience no pain or discomfort in my feet or any other part of my legs.

Any advice or information you are willing to share that could shed some light on what the problem is I am having would be greatly appreciated. I have been out of steady work for a few years now and don't have the money or the health insurance to have a physician look at the problem. As I have had the problem for about 10 years now and haven't noticed any developing symptoms, nor had any notable changes in the pattern or intensities of the numbness, pain, and burning, I have been living it it. The symptoms are manageable from day-to-day activity and discomfort level perspectives so I have been holding out on getting it looked at until I can afford it. I would like to know if it is something that may be urgent to have looked at.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my long attempt at giving you all the information I could think of. I appreciate your help!

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