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Sudden wrist paralysis, Please help

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  • Posted By: cjb313
  • September 3, 2010
  • 05:45 AM

I’m a 33-year-old male, and I am a professional guitar player who has been classically trained and have been reading/writing since I was 9 years old, guitar playing is everything to me, it is my livelihood and my love etc, and my main means of income. One evening I was up late at my computer I had fallen asleep with my head resting on my left hand bent with palms up and my left arm and elbow resting on the table (sort of like a thinking position). I woke up a few hours later and my left and was tingling and numb, I didn’t make much of it and shook it a bit and went to bed. The next morning I awoke with “wrist drop” and had a paralyzed left hand, no grip, and only small finger movements. I went to the ER and they took an x-ray and did blood work to rule out stroke and checked my muscle proteins. Everything came back ok and negative and they told me I may have “Saturday night palsy” but to follow up with a neurologist. The next morning I called the Dr’s name on the discharge papers (The neurologist) and made the soonest appointment of a weeks’ time. I don’t have any insurance so I had to pay out of pocket to see the neurologist and he did a nerve conduction test (actually his nurse did the test) he then comes in the room and pokes me with a probe (it was an ECG machine.. sp?) he spent the whole time poking me then said that I have Radial nerve damage and if I had seen him the day after it happened then my chances would be better L He said he was going to start an aggressive treatment for me and gave me an injection of prednisone with a prescription of prednisone to take over the next two weeks, and said to squeeze a ball or something through the day, then said it was getting very late and all his staff was leaving so he had to run, but I had no idea of what I had for chances of recovery or any explanation of the test, but I had a follow up in two weeks.
I got very sick and nauseous from the medicine but continued to take it regardless, I did call him but he ended up calling my Emergency contact (my Mother) back instead, he explained more to her then to me? She told me he said I may get 75 – 90 % back in terms of movement and to take prilosec for the nausea.(that certainly didn’t help my stomach but I had got more answers so..) Finally it was time to go back and see the Dr. I waited an hour in a little room then he comes in abruptly, sits down and before I could say a word asks me to move my left wrist/hand and straight upward (like when you signal for somebody to stop) movement, But I couldn’t do that nor was anything at all better from the last visit. He was frustrated. I asked him about my diagnosis and the conduction test and he told me to “just wait” and started sticking me with that probe again where it sounds like little taps as he would tell me to try and move my wrist and hand upward, he started to really dig that probe into just about everywhere from my neck to my wrist, not changing the probe at all. I was bleeding in several places and had to grab a tissue to stop the blood from running. After 20 minutes He then puts away the machine as I was compressing some of the larger probe holes that were bleeding out. I was waiting for some kind of response from him but he had taken out his prescription pad and was writing something... He then stands up hands me the prescriptions and tells me that he had written down what I had (something completely different then radial nerve damage) and actually told me to look it up on the internet, never uttering the actual words himself (it said Brachial Plexapathy) on the prescription, he was half way out the door and I told him to wait! And asked him, in shock “what do I do?” he said to follow up with another neurologist because “you never know other Doctors may have something else to say but I doubt it because I’m the best” and told me he had done another ECG on me for no charge, and just left me in the room... I had no idea what this new diagnosis was or how to treat it, what was I to do in the mean time, was there a cure?? I didn’t have the money to see another neurologist because I had to pay him up front and he had just taken me for $1000 between both visits, I never felt so alone and now it's been a month I don’t think that doctor really knew what I had because if he did he wouldn’t of changed it from radial nerve damage to brachial plaxapathy. I just can't believe that it's been all of this time with no change, and all I did was fall asleep on my hand? No violent injury nothing!! I don’t know what to do or even what to think, I live alone, and I feel helpless and very disheartened now that I can't do the one thing that made me happy in life. Can someone “please” help me, what’s going to happen to me, am I like this for life? What do I do now, and if I do see another neurologist, how do I know they are not going to do the same thing.. Also should I see a hand specialist? I live in the Las Vegas area and would travel if I knew of someone that could possibly help me. Also there are about three "BEE-BEE" sized hard spots on the underside of my fore arm and when pressed extremely hard.. I notice there is some kind of a relation between them and my wrist...

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