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negative nerve test results.yet i am on fire!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 28, 2006
  • 06:10 AM

I lifted a VERY heavy pot 2 and1/2 yrs ago.. 50 lbsof potatoes- plus it had 4- 2 quart sized pots of water added to it..It was super hot and heavy..I thought i could do it myself ...WRONG!!Anyway as soon as i got it off the stove i went to take a step and could'nt feel my feet.Then realized i was losing feeling in my arms.At this point i just kinda threw it down on the floor jerking my spine/neck/back pretty hard!!!
Every since that day-My life has not been the same...At first my neck/shoulders started burning .I started getting severe muscle spasms inm yneck/back..
As time went on my right hand started feeling weak and going numb.I later found out i had severe carpel tunnel and needed ulnar nerve transposition surgery done as well..THEN about 4 months after that surgery the left side of my neckright behind my ear going down into my collarbone area starts hurting like a deep throbbing..The docs tell me they have no idea..Maybe fibro..Then i see a few more docs..They say yeah -thats it-fibro..So i end up on pain meds and no real help ..Then about 10 months later-I had been back to work for about 1 year now..I start to feel this krazy pain radiate down into my shoulder/down my left arm and also into my jawline around the front of my ear...I am still having this krazy burning still as well-even though i take topamax-it helps to ease it a bit..but it never goes away...The only thing i have found out recently is that i have a bone spur on my left shoulder.Here is where i am stumped..I dont understand why i am burning all across my shoulders and in my neck for the last 2 and 1/2 years and i just had a nerve test and it showed up negative..What in the world could be making me burn if i dont have nerve damage???
Not one of the docs can tell me why the left side of my neck hurts so darn bad either..My whole left side is just trashed!!!
They are gonna tell me its fibro and i just need to learn to live with it..Well i am really tired..........
I just lost my job that iloved for the past 3 years-because the doc said not to overwork that left side-lets see whats going on..Well its been 3 weeks and all i know is that i have a bonespur...I told him i need to know about my neck-yet he ordered an mri and only said to check my arm!!!!!
I was so mad!!!So i called and told them about it..The receptionist said they have to take steps..I have spent $80.00 in office calls already...The next one i will be up to $100.00 and i bet i still wont know anything more....
I am thinking about calling them and just asking for my test results and asking what he plans on doing..I have absolutely no money left!!!!!!!!!!
My husband is throwing a fit over all these bills..I have to spend $120.00 just on meds per month...
I have been reading as much as i can to try and help myself-but i cant figure it out....I am so depressed i am getting to where i dont even want to get outta bed anymore..........
ANYONE-If you have any ideas -if you know someone -please lemme know.
Here is a list of my ailments
small herniations at C6-7 AND L5S1
foraminal narrowing on the left of the spine
ideopathic neuropathy neck/shoulders/feet
neck pain on the left
shoulder/arm pain on the left
hysterectomy 3 years ago at the ripe ole age of 35..
taking hrt daily...

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