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My chin and lip are still numb 3.5 months after broken jaw surgery. Is there still hope?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 10, 2018
  • 10:30 PM

Like the title says. My chin and lip are still numb after broken jaw surgery 3.5 months ago. Here are the details...

I has hit in the chin by a guy's surfboard that was not paying attention to wear he was going, and he broke my jaw on the back left side of my jaw, and the front right side of my chin. Total bummer. Was one of the most enjoyable days of my life until 6pm when I was hit.

I was flown to Oahu, and had surgery the next evening, was wired shut for 5 weeks, and have been recovering ever since. Even after all of this time, I am still numb and having weird sensations, and I'm wanting to hear if maybe what I am feeling is progress and good or if I just need to suck it up and accept my fate? My chin and lip both have pressure if I touch them for any period of time. Just sitting here now....pressure. Constantly. Like a very annoying slightly painful pressure like there is a dead piece of meat sitting on them. I have heard that maybe this is scar tissue that will eventually be broken down? Or is it nerves? It's been there pretty much since the beginning. Another thing is my left lip that is numb does feel one sensation. It burns all the time. When I was wired shut, I was actually putting chap stick on it, but it wasn't because of my lip being dry. It just burns for no reason. Only sensation my lip feels. Also, every now and then, my chin does itch, but only very slightly. I use to not be able to scratch it, but now I can slightly scratch it, but it's weird, and I'll explain below of this next and latest sensation that is allowing me to "scratch it."

This all started about a month ago very slightly and in one small spot, but now it's my whole chin and lip. The skin surface is still 100% numb, but the hair on my chin, even if it is shaved, if I touch it, there are these weird almost electrical explosion feelings that explode from that area. Not necessarily a bad feeling, but just weird, and it does allow me to kind of itch spots when they itch cause it goes inside the hair follicles. Not sure if that makes sense or not? The skin surface itself though is still totally numb and dead feeling. What is that? A good sign? Also, my teeth are still very sensitive and some places at the bases of my front teeth gums have actually gotten more painful. Again, are these nerves waking up? The only sensation there is pain and numbness.

Sorry for my almost rambling here guys. I'm just extremely worried. I've always been a positive and active person, and had no idea about this recovery. Before they operated on me they told me I'd be wired shut for 6 weeks, and I was like "No problem. It could be a year and I'm ok with that. I'm just glad you guys can fix me.", because I thought I'd be 100% normal. I thought I'd be fixed and wouldn't have nerve issues. After going through all of this, and especially after this last month of feeling like there is zero progress I am starting to get very worried. I used to surf and lift weights and hike, etc, and now I'm barely doing anything and this has really wrecked me mentally. I honestly feel a little ebad for my wife. Any advice is appreciated, and also any timelines. I don't need 100% recovery. I've accepted that that'll never happen, but 80% would be nice? lol. Even just getting rid of this tight meat feeling and getting some surface feeling back and I'd be happy. I hear that 3.5 months of recovery is still nothing and that it is slow and take 1-2 years. if that's really the case and I'm headed in the right direction, then I am ok with that. Just the thought of being messed up for the rest of my life is very saddening to me.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I look forward to the advice and stories given here!

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