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I have tics but I dont think its tourettes, please help.

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  • Posted By: Icon_xof
  • January 8, 2008
  • 02:44 AM

I'm 23 and I started having tics around the age of 11. There are three main ones and one that is like a pattern/counting tic that manifests in different ways;
The main one is a noise I make in my throat. Its hard to describe, its short and feels like it moves from my nose to my throat, its like a hum but in a burst.
The second is a head ***k. I just ***k my head down, real short and quick. And sometimes I have to crank my neck from side to side to pop it after. This one is taking its toll because I am developing chronic neck pain and I'm pretty sure its because of this tic.
The third is a "popping" motion with my jaw. I'll open my mouth all the way and "pop" it to about half open, then clench my teeth. This one really really sucks because I have TMJD. My jaw pops out of place when I open my mouth too wide and this tic causes me alot of pain sometimes.
The pattern/counting is strange. I do it with my fingers and my eyes. With my fingers, I have to tap my pinky and thumb 3 times, ring and index 2, and middle once. Then reverse, middle 3, index and ring 2, and thumb and pinky once. With my eyes theres a blinking pattern; (R=right eye blink, L=left) R L L R L R R L then reverse L R R L R L L R . Those patterns manifest in other ways but those are the daily things.

Another thing is that I have to "feel" things on both sides. If I pinch something with my right fingers I have to do it with my left so I feel it on both sides. I also tap my feet and fingers on a constant. I dont know if its like a tick or because I've been a musician for many years. If I'm not doing anything I always find myself tapping. It took my girlfriend a while to cope with it while we're driving, I tap on the steering wheel to the music.

My concentration is also screwy; Sometimes I can focus on something for hours with no problem. But every once in a while I'll try to study and its like my mind goes on strike and I feel very frustrated (especially with math or logic problems). Its always caused me problems in math, even though when things are working right I actually love to solve equations.

My mind moves at a very fast pace sometimes which hinders social ability at times, but it helps a lot in cases where speed/reaction is important (video games, sports, etc.).

I've done some research on tourettes, OCD, ADHD, and AS and nothing really matches. If anyone could help me figure out whats going on I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Jeff

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