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Help! Strange seizure-like episode

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 28, 2008
  • 07:48 AM

This scary episode happened last night. Today all I could do was sleep so I didn't call the doctor yet. I finally called this evening and he said to call tomorrow for an appointment. He thinks it's my heart, but said he doesn't know what to think. I think it's my head. I think I need to see a neurologist.

I smelled ammonia earlier on Monday ... I don't use ammonia for cleaning. And I have a housekeeper who comes in once a month and she uses no ammonia products. And she hasn't been here for about three weeks.

I smelled the ammonia. Also heard bell ringing sounds afterwards. Then about two hours later I was sitting at my computer with my computer glasses on. So I know this isn't caused by not wearing my glasses. I was only using my computer for a short time to play this word game online. Suddenly, my eyes and brain couldn't work together. Difficult to explain. I'm usually very good at spelling but suddenly I couldn't spell correctly. Then the palm of my hands got ice cold and began to sweat. I was sweating elsewhere but normal temperature. My heart rate became irregular but slow. I have a slow heart rate as it is. It sped up after that to 60, fast for me. Then it went back down to the 50s and I felt strange. I felt as if I'd keel over. I had photosensitivity, as in I didn't like looking at my computer screen, but no headache. I grabbed some aspirin and took 4 baby ones thinking this was something to do with my heart because of the irregular heart beat. I had some heart pain afterwards.

I ate something about 30 minutes later thinking I might be low in sugar. However, that only helped as long as I didn't look at the television or my computer.

After a while, maybe two hours later, I had pressure in my occipital area of the skull (the back of the head). There was no headache. I had nausea at that time.

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and it has been hard to control, keeping my doctor on his toes with having to adjust my doses. About two weeks ago, I was hospitalized for Thyrotoxicosis or too much thyroid medicine. An erroneous medicine was given to me, considering I have sinus borderline bradycardia or slow heart rate. That medication makes*a slow heart rate permanently slower. So mine is now slower than it was before being given that medication. Ever since then I've felt weird, slower heart rate maybe doing that. When the Thyrotoxicosis occurred I had weird eye symptoms as well. My eye doc said it was probably a migraine because I had a headache, nausea, eyebrow pain, and photosensitivity.

I thought maybe this is something to do with my pituitary/hypothalamus on the fritz. Don't know. I know some people with thyroid disease can have seizures. I've never had them before this time.

Any ideas anyone? This is creeping me out big time! :eek:

And today I couldn't stop sleeping and sleeping. I felt as if I were on drugs. Just Levoxyl and aspirin.

I've never had a seizure in my entire life.

Today, when I took a shower I couldn't handle the water on my head. I made my head hurt.

Any ideas?

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