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  • Posted By: gravity_fighter
  • June 16, 2013
  • 10:09 PM

I'm a 33 year old male, overweight with an admittedly poor diet, but otherwise completely healthy.  No blood pressure problems, no family history of diseases, I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.  I rarely even get sick, maybe once every 5-6 years.  Last night, I ended up in the Emergency Room, taken by an ambulance.

I was driving with my girlfriend when I started getting a weird sensation in my RIGHT arm and hand.  It almost felt as though my whole arm "fell asleep."  I tried to move it to get the blood flow going again, and I was unable to fully control my right hand.  There was no pain at all, it just felt like it was asleep and I couldn't control it for maybe as long as 60 seconds.  All other limbs remained normal.  My girlfriend asked me if I was alright, and I was unable to answer her.  I pulled off onto the shoulder and tried to answer her, but was unable to do so.  I finally managed to say her name, and it came out so slurred that she called 911 immediately.  The dispatcher directed me to smile, and my lower lip didn't really respond.  The dispatcher asked me to say a phrase, and I was unable to even start the phrase.  At no point did I lose clarity, I knew exactly what was happening and even pointed out the cross street to my girlfriend when she didn't know where exactly we were.  I was able to recognize the phrase given, but when I tried to speak nothing came out.
     The ambulance arrived and the EMS responder spoke to me very briefly before stating that he wanted to put me in the ambulance so he could start checking things.  At this point, I had regained complete control of my arm, and when I stood up to move to the stretcher my legs felt completely normal.  Once in the ambulance, I passed ALL of the physical tests, but I was still unable to really speak more than a few words, and was having trouble thinking of specific words.  I decided to let the ambulance take me, and on the 15 or so minute drive, I slowly regained more and more of my ability to speak.  ER doctor was waiting for me, but I was able to show him that I was already physically recovered, and he put me in an office instead of an emergency situation.  After about a 20 minute wait, he came into the room and interviewed me.  I was able to answer him coherently, and was speaking almost completely normally now.  There was a still a slight delay between thought and individual words, but instead of foundering I was able to get everything I wanted to say out.  The doctor said that he didn't think it was a seizure or a stroke (no headache, no paralysis, and quick recovery), and that the only thing he could do is run some tests.  I declined the tests because I don't have health insurance, and I was out of state anyway.  The doctor then asked about my sleep patterns, and after I told him, he asked me again.  I told him, and he added up 12 hours of sleep over the last 3 days, which is very unusual for me (I'm an 8 hour a night kind of guy).  He told me to go home, sleep, and don't do anything strenuous for a couple of days.
     I slept for 12 hours, basically starting within 15 minutes of my girlfriend driving out of the hospital parking lot.  I woke up today, and was able to think and speak normally, although my tongue feels a bit fatigued, and had no problems sitting down and typing out this narrative.  I still don't feel quite right -- no night on the town for me -- but feel basically normal.

So... brief loss of muscle control, isolated to my right arm and hand.  Almost complete loss of speech and unresponsive lower lip.  Complete recovery within 90 minutes with no treatment, just fatigued.

Any thoughts?

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