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Could I have MS

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  • Posted By: buddy2011
  • May 10, 2011
  • 00:46 PM

I am a 31yr old female. I am 6ft tall and weigh 168lbs, so I am not over weight. I don’t drink and I eat a balanced diet. I smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day.
The following symptoms I suffer, I have put down to the fact that I smoke but now I am unsure as to whether it is just the smoking. I am currently trying to quit.
For the past 5 months or more I have had the following:

From head to toe,

Headaches- not bad ones just a dull throb, usually over my right eye. They are not so bad that I need to take a painkiller but they are quite annoying.
Most days I wake up with one and I have one as frequent as every day.

Ears- Sometimes I get a buzzing noise in them and they feel funny as if I would be relieved if they popped.

Neck and back-I have a chronic back pain, my lower right side. I get frequent creaks in my neck.

Arms-I have white blotches in my arms like there is poor circulation. My right arm especially is weak, not all the time but usually in the evening I find I have very little power in it especially in my fingers.
If I flex my fingers they feel lifeless and sometimes it hurts to do so. I sometimes get shooing pains down this arm too.

Legs-My lower legs and feet feel cold constantly and my feet and toes cramp a lot. If I sit or lie in the same position even for only a few mins, my toes feel numb and then I get pins and needles.
My legs get so sore at night that it has started to affect my sleep. I feel like the pain would be relieved if I were to be stretched. It’s almost like growing pains.
If I lie on my side within 2 minutes that side has pins and needles and I have to move and then the same thing happens when I turn over. I can’t lie on my back as my back does be too uncomfortable.
As I am writing this my toes have pins and needles and I am only sitting at my desk.

I have started to break out with broken capillaries, just small ones on my arms. I have bigger ones on my chest which I thought were caused by using too hot water in the shower. I have only taken luke warm showers for the past few months hoping it would stop but every day I am spotting new ones. I have them on my legs too.

I started in January trying to walk and run more but I had to give that up as my legs were just too sore. While running I felt like I had to stop or my legs would just snap, if that’s makes sense to anyone.
I am a very active person, I am always on my feet but my energy levels seem to be getting worse as the days go on. I feel like an old woman and my body feels just so lifeless.
I work at a desk and I get up and move every 20 mins but each time I get up my body feels very stiff and sore and I need to do a big stretch before I move. This happens every time.

I have put all these symptoms down to the fact I smoke and seem to have very poor circulation but I would just like a second opinion please.
My aunt dies from MS and a family member keeps insisting I get checked out for it too.

Thanks :)

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