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Sytemic tendonitis?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 25, 2009
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Tried posting this once before, but might have posted it in the wrong spot. Trying again.

I've been sick for the past 3 years. My story started with an elevated liver panel. The symptoms I had at the time were identical to hepatitis A, but all tests came back negative. I had about a week of feeling very tired (I slept about 18-20 hours a day), diarreah, no appetitie and aching all over. I remember feeling like I was coming down with the flu, but no sore throat or runny nose. After about a week my appetite came back, but after eating I got sick to my stomach, and it lasted for about a week. They diagnosed me with Mono, but I had already had that a few years earlier.

Anyhow... fast forward... After this I noticed my ankle would hurt me from time to time. Like I had sprained it. It would disappear just as quickly as it showed up, so I blamed it on bad shoes.

Then a few months later I had 2 weeks of awful diarreah with stomach pain. I was also having some pain in my back on the right side. I was very fatigued, and slept everytime I had a chance. I was admitted in to the hospital, where they gave me a very good check up. They ran loads of blood tests, and I had a colonscopy that showed ulcers in my colon. All blood came back normal except for a slightly elevated wbcc and a slightly positive Iga-RF. I was told that the Iga-RF, was nothing to worry about and that colitis was of an infectious origin.

About a month after the hospial episode, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (unknown cause) and high blood pressure. In the mean time the tendon problems started to spread to my other foot and I started realize that there was something more then I understood going on.

My bowels never went back to normal. On a normal day I have 3-5 BM's, sometimes diarreah, sometimes not, but never a normal looking BM. My eyes are dry (tested), my mouth is dry (I have a chronic infection in the minor salivary glands, but not enough to confirm Sjogrens).

In addition I have flares of the following symptoms:

Tendonitis - at the moment in my right shoulder, left ankle, knees, 4 fingers, and right elbow.

A pimple like rash on my chest and back. If I touch it it gets itchy and a cheezy like substance comes out if I squeeze. (sorry for being grafic)

Mouth ulcers - as soon as one heals, another shows up.

Anyhow... I was hoping someone might have experienced something simular and could maybe give me a clue to what could be the cause of all these awful symptoms.

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  • HiI have pretty much the same symptoms. I replied to your other post, but as a guest. As I said there, if I figure out what is wrong with me, I will let you know.
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  • Consider Lyme disease? Am going through something similar myself. Lyme disease is very poorly understood by doctors. Good luck anyway.
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    • February 26, 2011
    • 08:24 PM
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  • Interesting, I too have very similar symptoms that I've been chasing.I'm a software developer, always typing, always working on computers outside of work, basically a true life computer geek.Back in 2008 around October, I had a long day of typing while coding an application. My arms both got sore at the same time near the end of the day. By sore I mean slight swelling, muscle tension and stiffness at the wrist and fingers. It was enough that I didn't want to continue using the computer.I stopped and drove home for the day. When I got home my tendons (the ones used to curl your wrist up like curling in weight lifting) were stiff and sore. They wanted to lock but I kept opening my palms and bending my wrist to keep them from locking up. Like my hand wanted to make a fist, without any muscle input from me.This went away after some rest that night, but the tendon and wrist pain has been persisting since then. The next few months I had severe tendon pain in the wrists, fingers, and forearm. I almost quit my job. I would stare at the keyboard already in pain before starting the day, and feel like crying.I'm a young guy, was 21 when this happened. Never really sick much, always a top notch immune system growing up. Very skinny, thin, high metabolism.... almost cocky about my good health.I got that injury filed as a comp case and I had an EMG thinking it was carpal tunnel or some kind of overuse. EMG normal, no nerve damage or slowness. Doc gave me NSAIDs which did NOTHING. Referred me to a hand specialist who I never saw. Money, work, etc.Now it's 4-27-2011 and just typing this has me in major pain again. It seems I have no tingling sensation associated with carpal tunnel, yet my muscles are weak and easily fatigued. This has completely been isolated to my hands/arms/elbow, and both side are effected equally.I will almost completely feel healed after long long rest. I took 3 weeks vacation completely avoiding computers and literally felt fine. Within about 2 seconds of using the computer again, I'm swollen and back to the same pain.If I stay off the computer, I heal some, but it never progresses past a certain point it seems. Some days I feel really good, others are bad with pain just from the first stretch of waking up in the morning.Now my arms are getting more effected it seems. Just holding my arms out straight and holding it there for 10 seconds has me feeling tired when I let them down. Kinda shakey and exhausted feeling afterwards like I just worked out and now I need to rest. Sometimes I can feel my back tense up and I have to get up and move around to loosen up. My muscles feel tighter in the arms and I'm constantly massaging them after typing.I get shooting pain in my pinky finger tendon running on the side of the arm to the elbow. My thumbs where they connect to the wrist get sore too similar to DeQuervains tendonitus (sp)I took flaxseed oil and fish oil which made me more "lubricated" but the pain was still there upon moving. It just felt slightly less stiff, but not the root cause.I responded the best to MSM taking about 5 grams a day. Nearly cured, but the pain came back.It seems odd to me, but I had a few days of bad sleep which made me break down and use one of those "5 hour energy" shots to keep awake. It has this odd effect of making me feel wonderful for a few hours after taking it. Same thing if I drink a Green "Monster" Energy Drink.This is something I obviously can't take often, but perhaps that reaction helps in my diagnosis.I've tried taking high doses of B6 and B12 supplements which have no effect I can notice. Glucosomine also does nothing.My hands aren't healing. I'm metering my usage and now not programming at home for fun. This really bites, I lived on computers and video games most of my life, I think my hand problems are not from overuse but perhaps some other condition which manifests as hand issues since I use them so much?The thing about bowel movements really hit home here. I used to be a once a day guy, but thinking about it, I go 2-3 times a day and it's often soft. I have a hard stool here and there, but it's mostly soft. I'm still thin as ever so my metabolism didn't change. I don't always eat the best, but when I do it's still the same.I've had some kind of atheletes foot which only hits my left foot. I can sit at work in shoes all day, get sweaty feet, and only the left side has peeling skin where as the right side is flawless once dried out. That clears up and goes away if I let my feet get some air and keep them dry. Just wearing shoes sitting at a desk for 8 hours and driving home is all I do.I'm not sure if it's from the symptoms or a symptom itself, but this has taken a tool on my mental state mostly around anger. I'm nice and normal but I'm quick to get enraged about something where as a few years ago I don't think I was as touchy.I do have dogs and they have gone through fleas picked up from doggy daycare. So could this be Lyme disease? I don't think since this started that I've taken any antibiotics... Any ideas?Right now MSM, switching between left and right handed mouse, and constant breaks are the only way I'm continuing work. I still have strength, I just can't do much with my arms before they get tired and cramp up. It's weird because I can go help a friend move furniture, play tug with my dogs, drive stickshift, and I'm fine. Soon as I use a mouse or even hold my hand like I have a mouse, the pain returns. The pain mostly comes from opening my fingers. Like if you make a fist, and then open it up. The muscles to OPEN the fist are the ones that are sore, weak, cramping, etc. I can CLOSE a fist with 90% less pain.When resting, pressure on my wrists or arms tends to flare up cramping near wherever I've applied pressure. I can't sleep on my side without a good place to rest my wrists since they hurt when they aren't straight. If I sleep on my back and put my hands anywhere but to my sides straight, it's sore. I can't rest my wrists on my body at all, since the arm contacts the skin and leaves the wrist kinda hanging which causes more pain.I'm about ready to see a doctor again and I wanted to research this more to see if I'm missing anything. I'm a casual 420 user and when I smoke it gets a bit more sore until the effects wear off. That's odd as well I thought. I don't smoke anything else, won't get near cigs.Let me know. Sorry for the book.
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  • Course, I'm no expert, but I'd definitely consider Lyme. I got RSI in my mouse finger a few years before my legs got crippled with tendonitis. I basically didn't use a computer at all (was a computing lecturer and it was summer break) for 8 weeks and it got better.I'm currently on Samento (you can buy it online without prescription), which somehow manages the immune system to deal with Lyme, but is also an anti-inflammatory. I've hardly had any trouble with my legs since I started it (was utterly crippled before), but I'm also taking it a lot more gently, so it's hard to know what's making the difference.Weirdly I also have athlete's foot on my left foot only that just won't go away. Have tried all the usual treatments, which have diminished it to varying degrees, but haven't got rid of it. I'm now rubbing garlic juice on it, and that works better than anything. I find that 420 improves things for me. At its best it lets me know how to stretch the tendons to take the tightness out. Make sure your tendons don't get tight and stiff, as then they seize up and everything gets a lot harder.Maybe consider some sports massage? Also acupuncture from a Chinese-trained practitioner has been really helpful. Have also had it from 2 non-Chinese practitioners and they were rubbish.You could also try some natural anti-biotics such as AllicinMax (available online without prescription).Also drink lots of water. Try cold and hot compresses but always make sure you get the blood flowing again afterwards.Good luck and really hope you find out what it is and get sorted.Best wishes, Sam
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  • Oh, I should also add, the tests for Lyme are really rubbish and only pick up maybe 40% of cases that were subsequently shown to be positive.
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  • Thanks a ton for the reply. I've been checking back often eager to hear what people think.I don't recall any leg or foot problems besides some soreness after performance driving. What about Gout? I have no toe pain or anything, only the arms, elbows, hands, and fingers.... Gout seems to have similar effects, but people report much higher pain.... I can still function, just not with the quality of life I desire.I need to improve my diet, but I eat the same foods that can cause Gout after reading about it. Thanks again, I'll check into those medications to see if they can help.
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  • If you have swelling on your forearms it can tweak the electrical testing. I had zero testing come back positive and when they got into my hand they found an extra muscle across my palm and such a bad case of carpal tunnel brought on by tendonitis that it's in a medical book. I suspect you have both tendonitis and carpal tunnel as the tendons in my hand were so bad they were swelling the nerves which caused the carpal tunnel. See the hand specialist.
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  • I came here because I seem to have systemic tendonitis as well as a connective tissue response that feels like my muscles are literally shredding by tearing apart. I likely have Lyme and other infections, but each specialist sort of ignores everything else. Luckily I have a great naturopath who works with me as a whole person.Here's a thought about your ankles. I had on again off again ankle pain as well. I thought maybe I twisted my ankle as that's what it felt like. I had ankle surgery where a cyst was removed and I had bone on bone, they removed cartilage & debrided the bone & created "fake cartilage" to cushion what they took out.Shortly after I discovered I had no Vitamin D. Yup, too low to measure. This went on for a year and a half despite heavy supplementation. I now get D injections every 2 weeks or so and take BioForte emulsion D3 daily. Ends up Vitamin D can cause these things in joints, especially knees and ankles. Once your ankles go and you start to walk funny it all goes up joint by joint. I also have joint pain and stiffness in my fingers. Have you had your D checked? If it's low I'd take what I am taking as it comes in drops. I also put it on my ankle when it acts up and for some reason it feels better. Not sure if there's reasoning behind it but it was a "let's see what happens if..." scenario that works for me.For pain Thorne Research Mireva SR kicks **** better than NSAIDS and narcotics for me. Hope it helps & you get answers. Where is Dr. House when you need him right?
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