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Severe Should and upper arm pain

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  • Posted By: Sirlips
  • June 16, 2009
  • 04:57 PM

I am looking for some possible reasons for the pain i am experiencing in my right shoulder.

I am a 34 year old male. 6'3" and wiegh 210lb. Im in pretty good shape over all and my general health is usually good. (except for being trained by the Marlboro man for the last 15 years)

I am not "very active" and tend to spend more time on the computer than in the gym. (shoot i spend more time running the country, than i do in the gym.)

I am a 4th grade Baseball Coach. And do throw the ball around a bit at practice. But, its 4th grade so i doubt im over working my arm.

Anyway.. I am experiencing a great amount of pain in my shoulder. The pain also goes down my arm to about 1/2 way to my elbow.(on the outside) Almost always it starts in the shoulder, however after this, i can sometimes only feel the pain on the outside of my arm, rather than the shoulder. Durring the day, after the pain has started, just resting my arm on the desk as i type, causes the shoulder to hurt. I need to move it around alot, and am constantly rubbing and stretching it.

I have to be very carefull how i sleep as too much pressure on the shoulder wakes me up...and i can sleep through Rosanne Bar yelling in my ear durring a tornado at Mardi Gras.

If i place my left hand on my shoulder and rotate it, i can feel alot of grinding. My wife pulled her hand away in discust when she held her hand on my shoulder, as it grinds so much. Of course she followed this up with "OH MY GOD, you need to go to the dr."

This weekend, after several days of no pain in my shoulder, i threw a small water balloon across the street, at the kids. 10 minutes later i was laying in bed with an ice pack on my shoulder and downing pain pills like my last name was Limbaugh.

If i take it "very easy" the pain will go away after a couple days. But it seems like the smallest amount of pressure put on the shoulder sends it back to square 1. Tuning a wrench to tighten a bolt. Carrying a case of... pop.

Trully it feels like when i was a young boy and would "throw my shoulder out" playing to much Football or baseball. I played a round of frisby golf earlier this year, and noticed the pain was VERY severe afterwards, and lasted longer than normal.

Im 34. i have 5 kids and too many addictions (hobbies) to be shut down like this 5/7 days. If its degenerative, what are my options? I joke about the pain pills i take, but really dont like to take anything, if i can help it. Advil is about the strongest i will take..unless my leg gets cut off.

What should i ask, when i go to the dr? Should i see a specialist? Are there tests that are not needed, yet often used? Are there tests i should ask for?

Thanks for any advice


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