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Right shoulder pain (+ arm, wrist, neck)

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  • Posted By: quantguy
  • June 3, 2008
  • 07:48 PM


I have pain in my right shoulder when I'm trying to lift my right arm extended sideways above my head (the pain is more intense the farther back from my body I try to lift it) and also when I lift my arm horizontally across my chest. The pain seems to be coming from all sides of the shoulder, the front, top and back near the armpit.

But that's not all, most days I wake up with little pain but after working on the computer for a few hours the same shoulder starts hurting and bothering like if where getting numb (and I'm only typing and using the mouse). It helps when I take long walks and my arm swings slightly but the pain/numbness comes back after 5-10mins once I sit.

Sometimes the I feel a shooting pain radiating from my shoulder to my biceps and triceps, and to my forearm and fingers occasionally. The right side of my neck hurts sometimes along with the tendon/muscle that is located near my clavicle, and when I don't have the shooting pain, my arm sometimes feel numb from shoulder to wrist.

I went to a GP and he diagnosed Rotator cuff tendinitis about 45 days ago, I took the anti-inflammatory meds and went to physical therapy for 5 weeks now (only once per week, although I do my exercises at home regularly) but the shoulder pain is still there. That GP is no longer near where I live so I'm planning to see another doctor next week.

Does anyone has any clue what can this be? Or what doctor specialty is the most appropriate to see this problem at this stage? Should I go to see a chiropractor? Or try to see a orthopedic surgeon?

BTW I got X-Rays taken to my shoulder area and the doctor said everything there looks fine (no MRI or anything like that yet), but as I said before this is probably 2.5 months since the pain started and 1.5 months since I saw the previous doctor, I'm in my early 30's and before this I never had any problems that I can recall.

PS: English is my second language so please forgive my grammatical errors.

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  • you should get an mri for neck issues , it happened to me for 2 months i was in horrific pain finally they gave me an mri and they seen herniated disks in my neck which doesnt show on an xray. i had surgery. 10 yrs ago good luck insist on am mri cervical spine
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  • I had exactly the same thing in my left shoulder and have had it for 3 years,it affects my neck to and i also get pins and needles down my arm and in my fingers.I had an mri scan that also showed i had a buldging disc in my neck.I have had an operation done on the shoulder and the condition is better but still not 100%.Get an mri scan done just to make sure there is no further damage.
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  • I have had many of the same symptoms. I also have knots in my neck and shoulder muscles that are tender to the touch. Meds only temporarily relieve severity of pain for the first day or 2 then are inaffective. My symptoms started on the left side and tend to flare up really bad at the same time everyday. Also flares up with stress or when I am sitting still or resting. The first "flare up" I thought was a heart attack because I felt my heart pounding hard in my neck along with lightheadedness with blackout sensations (seeing spots) and chest/shoulder ache and tingling arm/fingers/side of face. I was diagnosed with anxiety, but did not agree. Then the episodes became a daily ritual so I went back to doc and was told it was muscle spasms and given anti-inflammatory drugs. Tried back doc, got popped and then a massage. This gave a little relief but when I couldnt afford it anymore, came right back. While researching, I found that my symptoms sounded like Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Maybe you can relate, google it. Hope this helps you and good luck!
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  • Thanks all, I contacted a chiropractor and last Saturday he examined me and took a bunch of X-Rays from neck to lower back (he took like 5) and tomorrow Wednesday I'm going to see my results, I let you guys know.The pain on my right shoulder is a little bit better (either that or I'm getting used to it) but yesterday I started feeling pain on my left shoulder probably since I'm now using that arm for everything.I think I'll contact an ortho surgeon just to be safe too and ask for an MRI, I rather pay a couple grand on medical bills now than have this pain bothering me for the rest of my life.
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  • My solution to my pain. Stress from job and home life.I'm working for USPS for good 20 yrs pain in left neck,upper back, shoulder, tricep, and hamstring. Working on a processing machine alot of bending and moving the body side to side. I 've been going to chicropractor, doctor, and even hospital for this problem. Do not use Acunputure for your pain send to the hospital 2 yr ago. Lost memory and 4 day in hospital on Christmas eve. I use all pain killer patch and cream. Sure it help, but for a short time 2-8 hour. It is crazyless on my part and thought about for a long time. Poor posture in how use your own body everyday tie your shoe or putting on your pant. Stretching very lightly every day for 5 second. Sitting at home use a nice pillow for your back and use neck pillow for your neck. I use a car neck pillow when I drive. You can find in your local or high end car wash store. Maybe Target or Walmart.. Search the web...I started massaging my pain everyday and my neck feels like butter and when crack my neck. It cracks feel so good. Buy a hot water for $7.00 and use ice cold gel pad. Exercise for your pain in your home. Sneaker lace and throw over the shower curtain. Grab the lace on each hand near shoulder height. Start exercising with hand up(ceiling) and one down(waist) Go slow at first then a little fast, and shoulder and neck will go away likttle by little. I use a Tempur-pedic pillow when a sleep. It is best pillow for me, try it a Sleepy and buy one new. Try to find a workout tape Chi Kung: The Healing Workout (1989) vhs. You feel better when finish. The tape is 45min, but only do 20 min.
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  • Thanks wai, I'll keep that in mind if the chiropractor treatment fails, so far I think the best results (now I can lift my arm above my shoulder) were from the massaging and ultrasound treatments the physical therapist gave me so I can see you getting better with your massaging and taking care of it.I went for 2 chiro sessions already, after my first adjustment I felt all my body was aching, like going to the gym for the first time after years of not working out. My second treatment was yesterday and he showed me the xrays, nothing in my neck and lower back, although after watching the images I can see why bulging discs or herniated discs don't show up, since discs don't appear at all in the xrays, they are just a black gap between the vertebrae.I can say that I don't feel any improvement yet, but I wasn't expecting anything so fast, kinda like when I went for physical therapy and I recovered some mobility in my arm after 2 or 3 weeks. So I'll give it more time.Anyone knows if I can just visit my GP and ask for an MRI? or I need to go to an orthopedic surgeon first for that?Also, a coworker measured the humidity at work and it was extremely low and since my shoulder pain is worse when I'm here do you think there's any relation between lack of humidity and worsening of the pain?Another thing my doctor said is that I have low blood pressure, something like 90-60.
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  • Hey, I was unlucky enough to get a stiff neck almost two months ago and my right bicep feels very weak. This is coupled with a bit of pins & needles in my right hand (only slight). I don't wish to see my usual gp as I don't trust these guys, they will only prescribe me usual muscle relaxants but I feel taht I may need greater analysis.Has anyone else got any advise/history with this?
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  • Your symptoms are typical of "Frozen Shoulder". Take a look at http://www.cameronmedical.com/index.html I have FS and am now seeing a Chiropractor (with considerable improvement - but warning that there is no quick fix). The chiropractor has been doing weekly manipulations of my neck and arm - plus I have been given some gentle exercises to build up the shoulder joint.With no treatment, FS can take anything from one to three years to get better. From my reading, acupuncture and surgery can help - but I have had two different doctors (consulted for other things) warn me not to allow anyone to operate on the shoulder (which is the most complex joint in the body). People who are pre-diabetic or diabetic are more prone to get FS.
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    • September 10, 2008
    • 11:29 PM
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