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Genetic Hypermobility, sacroiliac pain, and patellofemoral syndrome?

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  • Posted By: melby1980
  • May 30, 2009
  • 09:47 PM

So this may wind up being VERY long.

My mother and I have hypermobility in most of our joints, my mother is 46 and has crippling pain in most (if not all) of her joints, her dr has pretty much told her there is not much she can do for her aside from making a weak attempt at managing the pain. My mom is now having problems due from being on pain medications too long, mainly nothing relieves the pain aside from overmedicating to the point she knocks herself out. (I was appalled to learn that she was taking more than twice the recommended dose of hydrocodone to just get minor relief, switched to oxycodone, and then oxy with out the tylenol, not sure of the name of this one). Her pain is at the point now that nothing helps. She has severe osteoarthritis in many joints, her L-5 (lumbar vertebra #5) is deteriorated, and now so far out of her spine she has constant pain in her buttocks and legs. She also recently discovered she has no ACL (it's not injured, broken etc. It's just not there!) They are not sure if a knee injury when she was in her 20's caused it to tear and get re-absorbed, or it was just never there...

So, on to me. when I was a kid I thought it was so cool I could bend my joints in weird ways, put my feet behind my head and contort my body into odd forms. yeah......If I had known then what I know now.....

as far back as I can remember my hip used to pop out of joint, at first there was no pain. I would be walking along and just a pop and ***k at the hip and then keep walking like nothing had happened, then about the age of 12 (puberty) when it would happen it would be stiff and sore for a good 5-10 minutes. maybe a slight ache until the next day. I also had (and still have) sharp pain in the middle of my tibia (shin bone) when trying to run. Other than increasing pain and stiffness in my hip as I aged I didn't have any real problems. (joints would get very sore with moderate excercise as well) When I entered my 20's I started hiking, at about 23 I could no longer make it down the mountain trail, no mater how slow I went, I would have locking and excruciating sharp pain in my knees and hips (especially the right). I stopped hiking. When I was 19 I was in a car accident, was sent to physical therapy for pulled muscles in my back. By the time I was 22 I had such severe lumbo/sacral/iliac pain I could barely walk. FINALLY was sent for an MRI which revealed that I had been walking around with a herniated disc between L-4 and L-5. Physical Therapy and excercise got me back on my feet again. Lots of strengthening of the glutes and hamstrings. After the birth of my first child at 26 I started having pain in the right sacroiliac area, and eventually lumbar pain. Was sent to a dr who did adjustments (not a chiropractor) who told me the right side of my pelvis was basically not moving at all. Also had an increase in the hip dislocations. He adjusted my pelvis several times and I was feeling great again (other than the hip). Then I started having shoulder pain. My dr chalked it up to a RSI from lifting my then 25lbs son daily. fast forward (pretty much the same problems on and off), now 29. Started college classes, a lot of hands on stuff, standing and climbing stairs. Stood up one night and had excruciating pain in my knee, immediately rested, iced,and elevated it. Three days later the pain was becoming increasingly worse so a trip to the drs. a steroid shot in the knee, x-rays, all say nothings wrong with the joint. Off to the osteopath, again nothings wrong with it, don't know why it hurts so labeled patellofemoral syndrome. meanwhile dr says I have pelvic floor dysfunction which includes my sacrum(have no idea what she means by this, don't believe I have any problems with my pelvic floor muscles everything seems to work fine there lol)

So just some notes:
Weak muscle areas - errector spinae particularly the thoracic area, quadriceps and adductors in the thigh. have been working on trying to strengthen my weak abdominal muscles, but causes pain, numbness and tingling in the area of latissimus dorsi, rhomboid major etc.

Pain areas, both ball and socket joints of the shoulder and hip, knee, pelvic/sacral/lumbar, sub scapular muscles, neck, both ankles especially the right with weakness and frequent unintentional inversion with great difficulty everting the ankles.

pain and bruising of both knees above the patella medially and below the patella laterally (where the IT band etc runs and also the lateral hamstrings attatch right on that bumpy bit lateral to the tibial tuberosity)

pain in the tmj (not tmj pain syndrome no teeth grinding etc.)

could all of this pain be from the hyperextention? (weak ligaments?)
what can I do to help prevent further injury to the joints and ward of any osteoarthritis/bone degeneration at the joints?
Should I be strengthening these muscles? Doing more stretching?
I am going to school for my massage therapy liscence and would like to prevent injuries to my hands, wrists, etc. should I wear a brace? I don't notice when I am hyperextending my thumbs which is not good I guess, how can i prevent something I don't realize I am doing?

Thank you to all who managed to read this. I would like to keep my joints healthy and avoid the pain and suffering that my mother is going through.
Any advice is incredibliy,greatly appreciated!!!


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