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Back Problem, Pain, and Leg Problems - Related? and Why?

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  • Posted By: Yusshin
  • September 8, 2011
  • 04:17 AM

When I was 13, I had to visit a chriopractor every week so he could "crack" the top of my spine. Due to money, I stopped going, and I may be regretting that now.

In the past couple months or so, I've been having unbearable back pain. The top of my spine will crack constantly in different spots. Under my right shoulderblade is always in pain, as if it's dislocated - possible caused from having my fiance press on my back. When he did this about four months ago, my shoulders went temporarily numb, before recollecting themselves again.

In the last two months, my walking has been affected. I limp periodically and have difficultly walking to work and school. I sometimes need to grip railings in order to avoid falling down the stairs or losing my balance. People have said when I walk, my feet are "funny" and it looks as though I'm walking inward rather than straight. This isn't new in itself, as I was told this a good six months ago. What is new, though, is that speeding up my pace will send sharp pains through my legs, and I've actually had to leave work early because of really bad discomfort in my knees - a hot sensation, weak, heavy, and shaky.

When I lie in a certain way in bed, the middle of the back of my torso will freeze up, paralyzed, and very painful. If I don't move, the pain grows more and more intense. I've had this happen twice in the past two weeks.

My upper back is always in pain, whether I be sitting, standing, walking, working. Doesn't matter. I crack my back purposefully often enough, but it will do it itself, too - and even cracks my shoulders, chest, and neck along with it! I don't crack any of these myself; when my back "fixes" its own self randomly, it'll sometimes crack these, too. The shoulders make a really deep sound when it happens.

I'm going to start going to see a chiropractor again. I'm hoping he can determine what it is - when I was 13, my spine was merely tightened up and not flexible whatsoever so he was "loosing" what I think was the discs - and why my walking is suddenly affected, why my legs, feet, and upper back constantly hurt, etc.

If anyone has had a similar problem, or knows what this could be prior to my chiro appointment (which is in about two weeks minimum), please share, as it's becoming very painful and progressively worse.

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