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"Muscle Spasm" I'm not so sure Doc

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  • Posted By: lncr454
  • June 20, 2012
  • 02:17 AM

I have been dealing with this for some time now and I just cant take it anymore. I think the work comp Dr is wrong possibly.

- Extreme intense burning feeling in upper back/lower neck (a little above shoulder blades and down spine to mid back)
- Sharp pains randomly shooting down my spine (happens every now and then)
- Upper back/lower neck feels like it itches but when I scratch it, its numb
- Constant little cracking in the lower neck every time I stretch my neck (cracks aprox 25-50 times a day)
- Inner elbow pain/ache (hard to explain the feeling on left arm)
- Fingers on both hands tingle and hard to tell what is hot and what is cold with finger tips pin poke seem extremely dull (Thumb, Pointer and Middle are the problem fingers)
- If I try to hold a fork and knife to cut something up it can do it for about 2 minutes before the intense burning takes place in the palm of my hand under the thumb.

I did visit a chiropractor just for a consultation and when he felt my neck C6 area I believe, he said it felt as though it was pushed off to the right side, almost like it is in the position it should be when I look to the side...except it stays put when I'm actually looking forward. He later checked it and stated it moved to the left side like it is mechanically unsound. He couldn't tell if it was structurally unsound but definitely mechanically there may be an issue.

WC Dr took x-ray and radiologist stated it was normal with slight straightening of the spine due to the muscle spasms. He also stated the popping/cracking feeling in my neck is from the muscle spasms along with the numbness in the upper back and fingers and not to worry it will go away once the muscle spasms go away. (I have them constantly every single day the severity varies between the days but every day there is some kind of discomfort.)

I am to the point where I constantly have this dull burning there isn't a day I don't have it and my neck constantly cracks/pops any time I straighten my neck or move it but some days are worse. When I say worse it is to the point where I constantly have to get up from my desk job to move every 5-10 minutes because the pain is so intense I cry. It is not randomly throughout the day, its any time I'm sitting pretty much. I sometimes get horrible migraines on the right side of my head that start at the base of my skull all the way to behind my eyes & temple. They gave me flexril and Tylenol with codeine but on my bad days it doesn't do anything besides maybe dull the migraine there is always some level of discomfort in my upper back.

I do have the x rays and I will try and post them but not sure if I can. I may be able to email them if I could figure out a way to remove my personal information on the film picture. I am just looking for some advice on what direction I should point the Dr's in to get some kind of answer. Not sure if it matters but I'm 26/F. Please help!

Miserably Ablaze

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