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9yr old with swollen wrists, pain increases at night

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  • Posted By: jjbeanh
  • March 21, 2010
  • 00:58 PM

After we have exhausted multiple Drs, I have come here for some help.

My 9yr old daughter has been in pain for weeks. She has been healthy her entire life, 96lbs, 4’7”.

January 21st, we went to an indoor water park for an overnight stay. The next afternoon, when we got home, my daughter complained of a sore neck. I thought she just slept on it wrong and it would go away that night. She woke up feeling perfectly normal. Later that afternoon/evening, the pain returned and her neck/head started to twist to the Left. It continued to go away and come back like that for almost 2 ½ weeks straight. Most times it would start late afternoon, but sometimes it would start in the morning or right before bed.

She had no trauma, falls, head injuries.. NOTHING previous to the park or at the park.

At first we tried chiropractors and a reflexologist. They couldn’t do anything for her.

We went to a local orthopedic Dr. He did xrays of her cervical spine which showed nothing. He said she had Torticollis. Couldn’t explain why, and was an old school Dr who was afraid to give her a muscle relaxer at 9yrs. He said to try rest and a cervical collar. That day we had her wear the collar, her right wrist started to swell. I immediately took her to the urgent care (the ortho was out of the office that day).

The urgent care Dr said the swelling was from the collar. Removed the collar and swelling went away that night. While at urgent care we ran blood work. CBC came back normal other than an elevated Sed Rate. Lymes Neg, Rheumatoid Factor Neg, Strep Neg.

Still neck twisting in pain every night, the right wrist started to swell again, we went to another orthopedic out of town. MRI of cervical spine came back NEG other than some sinus inflammation. Dr gave her a muscle relaxer and a 6 day steroid.

She was perfectly normal for 2 weeks. No neck pain, and swelling in the wrist gone.

Now her right wrist has been swollen for almost 2 weeks again. She is in HORRIBLE pain in both wrists. No pain has returned to her neck, only her wrists.

I went back to the out of town Ortho, who referred us to a wrist Dr within his same practice. Xrays and MRI of both wrists showed nothing. We tried wrist splints and she was on 1 adult motrin every 6hrs through all this pain and nothing helps.

The wrist Dr referred us to a Ped Rheumatologist. She believes she has Juvenile RA. But she said her symptoms are “odd” because her pain is severe at night, not in the morning when normal pain from stiffness should occur. She gave us Naproxen. My daughter took that for 3 days and the pain has not subsided at all.

She wakes up feeling OK. She can get breakfast, she can get dressed. But she is always tired. She will do normal kid stuff all day with occasionally saying my wrists hurt. But by 7-8pm at night, she is crying in pain. She has lost 5lbs through all this because of her decreased appetite from the pain.

During this entire time, we have still been seeing the Reflexologist who says he still feels some muscle tightness in her back, between the shoulder blades.

Please, can anyone offer some thoughts? I don’t know who else to see. Our next option is just a normal Ped to see what his suggetions could be, and maybe referre us to a neurologist.

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