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Neurologic spells...MS maybe?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 21, 2007
  • 09:15 PM

I am a 19 year old female who has had constant health problem "spells" for many years. My first major thing happed when i was 13 i was just doing daily things and my leg collapsed and was paralyzed for quite some time. I went to the hospital and after running tests they said that it must have fallen asleep...right. Shortly after i began to go through periods of vertigo. My limbs would become numb and tingly. My symptoms would subside for months and then return stronger than ever. About a year and a half later is when my muscles became weaker for a short period of time. It was like they lost strength. I was sent to every type of doctor including a rheumatologist, but nothing came of it. Here is where the chronic fatigue began to set in. More tests still no answers. Once again the symptoms would subside. Then after i just turned 18 my left leg started have uncontrollable twitches causing me to kick. I went to the hospital, they medicated me and i went home. The next day it was still going on so I went back, they admitted me and did more tests. They had a neurologist come and one look at me and she decided that i did not need to be there i was just depressed. She referred me to therapy and i was put on antidepressants. She said that if problems stopped than it was all rooted in depression. Well for a few months they did. But then they came back stronger than ever. I had severe dizziness. Tingling down my arms and legs. Extreme muscle weakness, more spasms, and pains that felt almost electrical in nature, sooting down my body; sometimes for hours. I was so tired that i could not hardly do anything. I began to develop strange symptoms such as memory loss, trouble concentrating, words always on the tip of the tongue , and delayed reaction time. I ignored these problems and gave up on finding an answer. Recently, the problems still continued in an off again on again pattern. My last hospital visit was due to the left side of my body going numb and tingly. My walking has suffered, half the time i can not even walk in a straight line. My hands are weaker and i do not have fine motor strength as i used to. And i have had eye pain, blurry and double vision, as well as a watery discharge from my eyes. I had a doctor say it could be something in such early stages that it wont show up yet. I never liked my first neurologist so, i have a new neurologist appointment set up with someone different. I have had MRI w/ and w/o contrast and cat scans and they said nothing showed up. Is it possible to have it w/ no lesions? or maybe the lessions are too small to see right now? HELP!

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