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Lesions, but no MS

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  • Posted By: BrendaBley
  • April 4, 2007
  • 01:15 AM

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to have Lesions on the brain, but not have MS. My sister in law is 6 mo preg. she lost sight in her right eye and it is slowly coming back. She was diagnosed by a neuro with optic neuritis. She recently had an MRI and she was told that she had MS. She received a second opinion and he told her that she has a 50% chance of having MS. This gives her great relief, but I wonder which is more likely.


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  • Hi, my wife got a diagnosis of MS from a neurologist two years ago on the basis of 3 MRI exams. He told her he saw lesions and that he was 100% sure of his diagnosis, but that in the state she was in , he wouldn't recommend a treatment and he'd rather wait. After two years we asked for a second neurologist and after lookong at the another MRI and passing a serie of physical tests, he told her that there was no MS. She never had any eye problem though.A second advice is sometimes a good thing; we passed through a ***l of a time for two years.Gilles Cloutier
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  • Lesions can be caused by many things. Many people have lesions and no symptoms ever.Some people have one single isolated attack...and never have another symptom.MS can't be "officially" diagnosed until there is a second attack....this is the "multiple" part of multiple sclerosis.MS is also a different disease for everyone who has it...the first attack is often the worst...
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  • :) A MRI is only as good as the machine, the opertor, the person reading the results and then whether contrast is applied. Some people are diagnosed without leisons being present and they present latter and then their are people with leisons but no problems for others. I would seek out another Neurologist and research them first to find the best available and to get the best available for your circumstances and then get another opionion. Hope this helps. Wishing you good health and happiness!
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  • Under the newer "MacDonald Criteria", it is possible to diagnose MS on the basis of a single attack, if enough other clinical criteria are met (for example, a follow-up MRI shows a new lesion even though there have been no new symptoms). If you look at the optic neuritis treatment trial data (the ONTT), someone with a single episode of optic neuritis and white dots (lesions on MRI) has a very high risk of progressing over the next 5 yrs--higher than 50%. My advice? Go get an opinion from an MS specialist, not another community neurologist.
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  • Years ago I rushed to a doctor after having vision problems, tremors, killer headaches with numbness in the back of my head, extreme fatigue, dizzy spells, extreme memory loss (I could be thirsty and would not know the word "drink"), and various other problems to many to mention. These came about suddenly, after a week of blurred vision in which everything turned clouded and colored shades of grey...inside and outside as well. It was as if I lost sight of all colors and my co-workers noticed my eyes jerked rapidly from time to time. My entire family thought stroke, as this runs in our family, so I made sure the doctor knew of our family history. Well...my doctor had another idea, and immediately ruled out stroke and sent me for an MRI. My MRI came back with those nasty brain lesions and a note attached saying the MRI suggested MS. Still in shock, off I went to a "Specialist" in MS. I went through a battery of tests...everything but a spinal (which I refused). Than, after about 3 months (being only 80 percent probable MS) and accomplishing nothing, not to mention being denied SSA benefits, the Specialist announced, "Ya know, these lesions could be due to high blood pressure and not MS". That did it for me!!! I had been soooo depressed, suffering from all these terrible symptons, the loss of our 2 family income, and I still didn't know for sure if I had MS!! In fact the high cost of all these doctor visits and tests were putting us in the poor house! I gave up on the doctor visits, the SSA benefits and trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I started living my life to the best of my ability, and I even had a brief span where I was able to work. My life is in Gods hands and we have learned to do without all those nice things/times 2 incomes offered. Soooo here I am today, after over a year of not seeing the doctor, I started having "attacks". I still have all those MS symptons, now I have Attacks. I wake up in the early morning hours with my head pounding, shortness of breath, dizzy, and feeling as if I will vomit...my husband runs and gets me asprin and I sit and pray until the symptons fade. I went to see a new doctor and I now take high blood pressure pills, but I have not been told exactly what is wrong or if I will ever feel normal again! The doctor did say "maybe you have MS and high blood pressure!! lol I truely believe that those lesions and all those symptons were from a stroke, or high blood pressure. I found out that there are at least 3 other illnesses that very closely resemble MS symptons including Fibromyalgia...does it really matter? I now figure that as long as I can find a doctor that listens and believes me and is willing to treat my symptons when they are extreme, it doesn't matter what name you put on my illness!! Oh Well...to all of you...Good Luck, Take Care, and God Bless You!
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    • October 7, 2007
    • 03:53 AM
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  • Optic neuritis is a symptom of MS. It is quite common. Loss of vision is often the first symptom as well. Good luck
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    • January 11, 2008
    • 02:51 AM
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  • i also have been diagnosed with optic neuritis, had an mri last month with no lesions. My neurologist recommended i get an mri every 3mos for the next couple of years. Does that sound right?? Right now I am more upset about having blurred vision in one eye(i did not see a dr until 3mos later so the steroid therapy was too late this month by the time anyone even mentioned it) so has anyone been thru this---loss vision in august, no lesions---what are my odds???
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    • January 8, 2009
    • 02:09 AM
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  • absolutely possible. my daughter has brain lesions, but no MS. she has an NBIA disorder. what you have depends on what your lesions consist of and where they are in the brain.
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