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Do you think this is should get treated for MS?

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  • Posted By: myalias101
  • September 12, 2008
  • 02:45 PM

Ill try and keep this short.

But basically ive had an ongoing litany of health issues ( http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=7797&page=3 ).

I was diagnosed with Lymes disease. Although my Neuro, last time i saw him, still thought i may also have MS.
He said if things got any worse the next time i saw him that he was going to treat me for MS.

Sounds reasonable to me. But on the other hand i dont want to be treated for it if i dont have it. And i dont want to be labled as having it and have them give up looking for other things that are wrong with me (if indeed i dont have it).

However, if i do have it. Im all for getting treatment.

But since MS is more of a symptomatic diagnoses, and alot of the stuff that is wrong with me can be contributed to Lyme, it puts me in a confused situation. What to do?

I think the main reasons my doc thinks i have MS is because i have lesions on my brain and some 'spot' on my C3 (i think) spine.

The lesions can be attributed to Lyme though.

Secondly i had pars planitis at one point (hope i spelled that right) but from what ive read that can be a symptom of Lyme also.

But I think the thing that really makes him think that i have it is the tingling, parastesia, that keeps getting worse.

Ofcourse, ive had many other things wrong with me but these 3, is what i think, leads the Neuro to think i have MS.

So my question to you actually revolves around the tingling. I was wondering if it is consistent, the type that i seem to have, with MS?

I have one type that is weird in that it just appears on spots on my body. Typically the same places. And pulsates. And its not in rythem with my heartbeat or breathing or anything. Sometimes up to 20 secs apart (the pulsating) and sometimes as little as 2-3 secs. Also varying in severity and sometimes going away never to come back or to come back in a short time.
I haven’t read anything about MS that talked about this. This particular 'pulsating' type.

Then i have another type, in my foot and fingers, that seems to be activated by vibrations.
I know ive read that sometimes parastesia is activated by heat or use. But that doesnt seem to be the case with me. For example, if i drive my car, and get out my foot will tingle for hours. If im pushing something with my hand, (a cart for example) and the hand is vibrating because of the uneven road or something, then my hand will continue to tingle for a short time afterwards. Also the same thing with my hand after a shower due to washing my abrasive head (ha ha- that sounds funny. Its because i shave my head so its bristly up top). However, if i run my hand under hot water.. without actually using it (to test the heat theory) then its totally fine.

Personally i think all my parastesia is due to that 'spot' on my spine... which i think is still growing. the reason i tie the two in together is that although moving my head to look down does not bring on any sensation... once my hand/foot is tingling, if i look down it flairs up.

The other reasons im not sure I have MS which makes me leery to get treated for it.. is i have symptoms im not sure relate to MS... for example:

A constant rash on my chest. Comes and goes on my face.
and Pale fingernails.

2 things that were wrong with me before my treatment for Lyme, that are now gone, are chronic fatigue and chronic Paricarditis.

So, i know that treatment did do something.

Anyhow, im just looking for opinions.
With the Lyme diagnoses, crossover symptoms of MS and Lyme, the fact tha the tingling is still getting worse but have recovered from other symptoms, and my wish not to be treated for something I don’t have... but to make sure i do get treated for something i do... makes me very confused.

I guess I should also mention i pass all the MS physical tests that they give you.. ive had the brain lesions for atleast 8 years and they haven’t gotten any worse, its debatable how long ive had the neck lesion, and they did do a lumbar puncture on me with all the tests coming back fine aside from one that he said "Shows residual from some inflammation at one time" but im think that can be contributed to Neuro lyme also.

And lastly, my ENT doc did find a bulging spot inside my throat that he says doesnt look like cancer or anything but he is going to do surgery on it in a month+. Im not sure the location of it mathces up with the "spot" (the Neuro never said what it was.. just a "spot") on my C3 Spine. I wonder if its possible that this thing that is in my throat isnt pushing on my spine? Probably a long shot and a pipe dream for me.

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