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Tooth abscess... and tingling pain in face?

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  • Posted By: acreativename
  • July 31, 2008
  • 01:40 PM

I'm in a lot of pain, so I'm hoping to get someone's opinion here:

I went to the doctor over the weekend, who diagnosed me with a tooth abscess and put me on amoxicillin. She told me to see a dentist ASAP and then to return to the doctors for a follow up to make sure nothing else was going on. I didn't even see an abscess on my gums until after seeing the doctor; I shined a light on the area and saw that I have a large (spanning the top of about 4 teeth) white bump that's has red veins at the top. It's really gross. I have an appointment for Monday at with an oral surgeon for the tooth to be extracted because the dentist I spoke to said it sounded un-saveable, but now I'm wondering if I should find an earlier appointment with a different dentist because it's worsening.

Ok, so, background to that:

For quite a while (over a year), I had toothaches from myleft upper second to back molar that is so rotted that it has a hole in it. When I was younger (9- I'm now 19), I got a filling in that tooth which eventually fell out. I haven't been to a dentist since this pain started since I have this awful fear of dentists (though that seems really silly now compared to my pain and I can't believe I've let this go for so long).

The pain I went to the doctor for has been going on since around July 9th. It started as a pressure in my left temple area (well, above my ear), then progressed to a throbbing pressure, then a shock-like pain. It has seemed to get worse at night, which is why I didn't go to the doctor right away - during the day it wouldn't bother me as much, and the episodes of shock like pain would come and go between the pressure. The pain seemed to be brought on when I moved my jaw - talk, eat, etc. As it got worse the whole side of my face from the temple area down to below my chin was bothering me. I went to the doctor when I started not being able to sleep because of it.

The pain got much worse for 2ish days after starting the medicine, then seemed to get better for a day, but has come back with a vengeance. Now, I have a tingling/ pins and needles sensation in that whole area, with that same pressure in my temple. The whole back of my head and neck is now also affected by that same tingling and pressure and intermittent shock like pain, which is new since I've seen the doctor. When I touch any of the affected areas, the tingling sensation gets worse - ie, when I lie down on the back of my head, so I haven't slept. My check, eye and upper lip have been twitching all morning and have been in pain. My left ear has also been ringing for the last few days. I've taken ibuprofen, but it hasn't really helped.

I'm wondering what in the world is causing the pins and needles sensation/ ringing/ and affecting the back of my head now as well? Could the abscess be affecting nerves in that whole area??? It's really annoying, so any suggestions or guidance, etc, would be VERY much appreciated, especially as to whether I should try to find an earlier appointment with a different dentist or try to stick it out longer.

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