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Small white bumps on my lips, HELP PLEASE!

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  • Posted By: colormeblue
  • February 21, 2012
  • 04:56 PM

I recently went off my birth control shot and switched to ***** control pills. I was on the 2nd week of taking them almost the 3rd week (which I started last night) Well I started experiencing weird symptoms. The first was the feeling of having to pee really badly but only a little came out. It happened 3 different times that night without pain or irritation and just went away. Around Friday or Saturday of the weekend that just passed I got more symptoms, My upper lip felt really itchy but nothing was there along with other itching sensations at random parts of my body (like legs, back of the neck and it was completely random) The same day I noticed the itching on my top lip I got breast tenderness as well. I am only 19 and I have never experienced any of these symptoms. The day after all this started I noticed a bump on my top lip and a bump on my bottom lip, the weird part is the bumps were not itchy nor where they in the spot that was itching the previous day. The breast tenderness continued and the feeling like I had to pee came back but only lasted twice when I felt like I had to pee and then disappeared again. Today, the bumps on my lips are much worse. I have a bunch of little white bumps on the bottom of my lips again there is no pain, irritation, or itching. There appears to be a small amount of swelling on both lips as for the top lips there is only one more bump previous to the already existing one. It seems to be bigger and much more red than the others. The breast tenderness is still there as well as the itching in random places. I called both my doctor and OBGYN (who prescribed the pills) They say I could be having an allergic reaction to the pills. I looked it up online as well naturally be scared about all these symptoms. Everything says it's herpes yet I do not have a cold sore nor have I ever had one before and the only symptom in common is the itching but with the herpes stuff I read it said that the itching would be in the infected area and it isn't. It also doesn't explain my other symptoms. I do have a friend who had a cold sore but we in no way had contact but a hug which i'm not sure if that could transfer the virus and if so why do I have all these other symptoms? I'm going to see the doctor today but i'm not sure what's going on. I've never had an allergic reaction to anything before so i'm not sure what it would feel like. As the bumps get worse I noticed my lips are really dry and the doctor told me to put patrolium jelly on them too keep them from breaking open. Again I researched herpes being very scared of having it but it doesn't look like any pictures i've seen and the same day the itching appeared (which isn't the area with the bumps, breast tenderness occurred). Does anyone know what this could be? Please give me feed back, I am extremely worried .

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