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3 "blood Blisters" on lip

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  • Posted By: Jesse.Aitui
  • July 5, 2007
  • 02:08 AM

First off.. this is not a STD.

Now to my story..

About a week ago I noticed a small red dot on my lip and figured I must have bit it. When it didnt go away I got a bit concerned but not enough to go to a doctor.

This morning I woke up to 3 red blood blister looking things on the inside of my lip.

I am shaking because I think something is seriously wrong. I tried calling my doctor but its a holiday and hes not in. I dont think this is an "emergency" so im not going to go to the ER.

I thought maybe I am injuring my lip during sleep..but THREE blisters? I could understand if there were 1.. but 3? they are all on the inside of my bottom lip almost in a row. Im so scared....

Im going to call the DR again tomorrow but i thought id ask here..

What could it be?? It does not hurt or anything..just 3 red dots that look like blood blisters

:( :confused:

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  • No replies, whatever. lol I never seen anything like it, and having read the forums 3 days before and hearing horror stories of red dots- I freaked! mine were pretty darn big and 3 in a row- scary looking. Everyone I showed was like "WTF".... I dont think ive ever been so worried in my life. Was the 4th of july, dr was not in. Next morning I planned to make an appointment and they had all faded.. By the next day totally gone. But then I developed like 6 small dots around the inside of the bottom lip all resembling pin *****s (So much smaller than the 3 large ones)..those are now gone. No idea what was up with that, but if they return Ill be seeing a doctor
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  • Hi Jesse,Likely no one had any experience or relevant thoughts on the topic. Then again, it could have just slipped through with being on Independence Day. That can happen with the way these forums display sometimes. :) Is it possible that three could have come from a bite, perhaps as in two edges of one tooth and one edge of another? Were they situated in a way that it could have been possible? Then again, with the pin ****k type ones as well, it very well may have been some kind of infection or simply irritation.If they do come back, going to the doctor as you said is probably the best idea, to be safe.
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  • Hi- yes they were situated in a way that could have been possible. But a few things that happened as well led me not to believe it was caused by me perhaps injuring my lip while asleep. - A few days prior I had one small red dot that lasted about a week.- No pain- Faint appearance of very small dots in addition to the large one when looking closely at the lip. All I know is in 2 days the large 3 dots were completely gone. But then like I said i ended up devloping about 6 small pin ****k looking ones. Checking my lip now I dont really see anything...but the initial dot still looks to be there its just very faint. Not sure if this is a concern or not, I dont realize anything else 'off' with my health, but then again I know some disease, sickness, etc more symptoms come later..often when its "too late"
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  • Hi Jesse,By being concerned over "some disease, sickness, etc more symptoms come later..often when its too late" you're going to end up creating symptoms, or linking symptoms that aren't in any way related. I've done the same myself at times. :) If it is a concern, even though the blisters are gone, see if you can't figure out something with your doctor. :)
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  • the inside of the mouth is VERY sensitive to pinching, rubbing, etc. more than likely you were face down in the pillow for part of the night and your teeth were rubbing on your lip, i've always got little blood blisters forming in my mouth from various things, it's not likely something to worry about, areas which are rough, thickened, and whitish in your mouth are the things to worry about.....................
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    • September 7, 2007
    • 09:06 PM
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  • I have exactly the same thing. Did you ever find out what it is? I heard ITP can cause it. Mine do not appear overnight but rather in the middle of the day, so I can say for sure that I haven't bitten myself.
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    • February 23, 2010
    • 09:21 PM
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  • In regard to the msg about lumps on inner upper and lower lips, everyone can feel lumps in the upper and lower lip, it is lip tissue. Tissue is made from hundreds of lumpy bits and it could be just that that you are feeling. Also some lumps are bigger than others, similar to in the breast. If you press down you can feel little and larger nodules - this is just breast tissue. Tissue is lumpy bumpy! If you are still concerned see your doctor, but I hope this relieves your worrying - also dont go reading and clicking on everything to do with lip lumps you'll have yourself a nervous breakdown with the things people tell you you have wrong with you, and 9 times out of ten its something perfectly normal :0)
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