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if you want to try HRT read this

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  • May 1, 2007
  • 02:29 AM

i'm on HRT (premarin) since 1-1-07 and i've paid a price for it. i found out there are risks MORE than the "advertised" ones of heart attack, cancer, and stroke. they dont mention the risk of side-effects which many women get. you may want to consider this as you think about using HRT.

here's my story:

i started HRT (premarin) on 1-1-07. then for 2 months, i puked 5 times a week. i found out i was on the 2nd to the highest dose, so i asked to have it cut in 1/2--this worked, and after a month all the puking left. but then, a host of other side-effects kicked in while i was still suffering from puking. these 5 side-effects are:
--severe joint pain in the jaw (they wonder if it was TMJ) & then went in to the ear behind it. this pain has been so bad that i dont keep medicated on 2 pain killers at once i scream out loud all the time from pain.
--left pinky & surrunding area of hand had been numb for 3 days and it keeps trying to spread onto other fingers & up the forearm.
--swelling of lower legs & fluid retention (getting worse)
--raise in blood pressure (to borderline)
--skin rash which is brown with little bumps & peels from dryness, this itches frequently so bad i have to relieve it with special lubricant to stop it

now i have to have the dose lowered to 1/2 again, hoping this will solve it or i'll have to stop it entirely. i've researched the web & found tons of women on HRT get this stuff so its not just "me" and it's quite common.

for your information, there are other side-effects on the list for HRT, some of these are:

--itching feet
--known to make current medical problems worse, like asthma
--thyroid problems, so you may need thyroid medication to regulate the thyroid
--raise in triglycerides which can result in need for cholesteral medicating
--mental problems unspecified
--mood swings, sometimes rapid ones.
--enlargement of breasts
--breast tenderness
--PMS or increased PMS
--loss of appetite
--weight changes
--nausea (and/or vomitting)
--abdominal cramps
--feeling bloated
--bleeding gums
--breakthrough bleeding
--vaginal spotting
--vaginal discharge
--changes in mentrual flow
--enlargement of uterine fibroids
--vaginal infection with Candida
--a cystititis-like syndrome
--mild darrhea
--jaundice or yellowing of skin and/or whites of the eyes
--loss of scalp hair
--developement of new hairy areas
--lesions of the eyes & contact-lens wearing will become intolerant
--migraine headaches
--mild dizziness
--increased sex drive
--dribbling or sudden passage of urine
--loss of coordination
--chest pains
--leg pains
--difficulty breathing
--slurred speech
--vision changes

(finally done)

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