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Help? Partial Hysterectomy - Ovaries Remain

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  • Posted By: neurotransmissing
  • May 20, 2009
  • 06:12 PM

Hi All! :)

When I was 27, I had a partial hysterectomy (only my uterus/womb was removed) my ovaries ... still being healthy at the time, were not removed; and remain healthy at present to my knowledge. The reason for the partial hysterectomy ...
My uterus had collapsed ('prolapsed' or something along that line, was the medical terminology used, and 'collapsed' was the explanation). Consequentially, the low-back pain, heavy bleeding, and cramping was so bad ... at times, rendering me so useless and I had to take off work sometimes. I had just given birth to my second child about a year-and-a-half prior. With my first child, there was bleeding and in the fifth month ... my doctor told me to stay off my feet for the balance of my pregnancy; something to do with keeping the placenta intact, I believe it fell to the bottom of my womb and was on top of my cervix. I am very petite, at 5' 3/4" (basically, 5' 1") and 98 pounds then. Uhhmm ... I'm 117 at present, and a bit saggy due to my inability to move around much physically, being chronic for six years now. However, at my age, that weight must be normal (doctor agrees) because I am very slim. I fear losing more than five more lbs. and appearing boney; additionally, I look more 'sunken in' or 'gray' in the face (along with bags and dark circles, illness) and fear more weight loss will worsen that appearance. :o

I have so much going on with my body, I was tested (blood draw, pituitary hormones and such) about four years ago.

When should I be tested again and how often? I will be 43 in a few days. At the time I was tested, it was due to moodiness, fatigue, night sweats, heat/cold intolerance and overall anxiety I was experiencing ... which was determined to be limited to my other neurological problems upon closing. The tests (blood work) came out negative for menopause ... having not begun, nor appearing close in beginning (pre-menopause, negative).

Also, if you've had a full hysterectomy ... I'm interested too. I'd like to know the possibilities; the women on both sides of my family have had hellish experiences (emotionally and with side effects aside from the bleeding) with menopause ... much worse than the norm. I'm hoping mine will be milder.

I understand menopause "may" be milder for me ... aside from the bleeding part which is not applicable. What about the rest? Has anyone experienced menopause with a partial hysterectomy?

Can anyone tell me what to expect when menopause is beginning, what I may experience, also during the course of menopause given the partial hysterectomy?

Is there anyone here that has had a partial hysterectomy (no bleeding) but ovaries remain (still cycling hormonally and, obviously, with no shedding of the uterus lining)?

All feedback is most appreciated pertaining to both, full or partial, hysterectomy, as it pertains to menopause. I'm still having symptoms and such, for which at that time I was tested ... it was due to an increase in these symptoms ... for which I was tested for (pre-)menopause back then; I have no idea how I will distinguish. Any advice?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

~ Cindy

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