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Worse symptoms after 2 myoma resections

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  • October 23, 2008
  • 05:43 PM


I will try to make this as short and to the point as possible. I complained about heavy periods and cramps for most of my 20s. I got all sorts of misdiagnosis like PID, was told I had too much of some hormone, etc. This past June, a couple weeks before my 27th birthday, I was diagnosed with a myoma (fibroid). I waited until after my wedding at the end of July, and honeymoon in August, before having the hysteroscopy myomectomy.

The first operation was at the beginning of September. They told me that everything was successful, and they had removed the whole myoma. I went back to the emergency room the very same night of the day of the outpatient surgery, and several times after that. Each time, I was sent home with pain meds or some odd explanation. Finally, the surgeon who operated on me examined me and found that only half of the myoma had been removed. Gee, I wonder how I knew something was wrong still??

They told me to wait 2-3 months for another resection, for reasons that included them tearing my cervix a bit during the first operation. I complained of horrible cramps and bloody discharge, visited the doc several times and sent home each and every time, and even had phone consultations. As I feared, when my menstrual cycle came at the end of September, I thought I was going to die. I went back to the doc, and he saw that the myoma was pushing through the uterine wall. He sent me to the ward, and I had the second resection a few days later when my cycle ended. I woke up in the recovery room complaining to the nurses that I was bleeding. They were sort of ignoring me at first. To their surprise, I was REALLY bleeding. They called the doctor, and I was sent back to the operating room. I woke up in horrible pain, crying like a baby, and was told that a balloon catheter was inserted into my uterus to suppress the bleeding. Epidural pain pump in place, pain meds through i.v., and shoulder, I could barely stand it.

I was released from the hospital some days later. The pain continued when I was home. I went back to the doctor and informed my symptoms. I can’t sit for more than an hour without the cramps starting. From the moment I wake up and go to the bathroom, the pain starts. Sometimes, the cramping feels like contractions and I am reduced to tears. I cry like a baby. When the pain is at its worse, my lower back hurts like heck. I still have the bloody discharge. My hemoglobin dropped back down to 96 when I reduced the iron tablet intake from twice a day to once a day. I take panacod, ibuprofen, and tramal to rid the pain. There is a constant underlying cramping, and sometimes the very hard pain comes. The doc just put me on another week of sick leave and set up another appointment for a week later.

I went back. They said that it looked like the whole myoma was gone, but there was a bit of blood blocking the view. I had another appointment set for a week later. I went back yesterday, and the doc said again that the myoma was gone. He did say, however, that there is about 1,5 cm of something inside the uterine cavity. He put some gel into my uterus, and I cried like a baby. It was so painful! I told him that something is wrong, and they are missing it! How can I be in so much pain still? Even worse than before? Why doesn’t any of the medicine totally relieve the pain? Why do I still have the bloody discharge? What is wrong with me??!!!

I have another hysteroscopy scheduled for November 3rd. Somehow, I feel like they don’t know what the heck they are doing. Could they be missing something else, like Endometriosis? Shouldn’t that be visible in the sonograms? What else might be wrong?

Some of the doctors are in favor of a hysterectomy, others are not. I totally am up for it. I am aware of the complications. I am also aware that myomas can come back/new ones can grow. I have absolutely no plans nor desire to have children. I'm tired of being in pain every day. I'm tired of taking so much pain medicine, and none of it working. I'm a newlywed with no intimacy. I'm tired of being bound to my sofa for 2 months. I need to get on with my life. What could be wrong?

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