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urgent help: methylB12 and calcium.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 16, 2010
  • 05:55 PM


about me (at present): I am a sufferer of mild OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) along with DSPS (delayed sleep phase syndrome). mildly hyperactive. mild CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) also. hypersensitive to stimulants. calcium supplements help me but, magnesium aggravates. cannot take vitamin D. I think methylcobalamin deficiency is an issue also.

despite intense suffering (for years) I have read and researched a lot for years. please help me with the following questions:

1. which type of calcium goes best with methylb12? for me the choices are between calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate. one vegan website suggests that "If you have to supplement use calcium citrate, lactate or gluconate, NOT carbonate which interferes with B12 absorption." http://www.all-creatures.org/health/b12.html]
but, my own experience seems to suggest that gluconate is NOT ok. why? I am not sure. does gluconate affect methyl-trap issues or na-k level or PH issues...I do not know. my feeling (no theoretical proof) + personal experience is that calcium carbonate (without vitamin D) may be best option for severely methylb-12 depleted OCD **m DSPS hypersensitive sufferers like me. NO calcium gluconate. please help me with your final verdict. calcium carbonate or gluconate? what goes best with mb-12 in cases like me?

2. so, you have my background. now, along with calcium and methylb-12 (for my particular case) should I go for folate /methylfolate?. I am confused with a lot of conflicting input from various sources. I have no anaemia and my Hb levels are very fine but, my RBCs are very fragile. I have mild OCD-ADHD-DSPS-CFS. so, I do need methyl-b12 along with calcium. but, should I take methylfolates or any other folates? will it make my mental condition worse? my feeling is NO added folates. what is your final verdict?

3. the RDA of vitamin b-12 is something around 2 mcg per day. why do I find the common b-complex tablets having cyano-b12 around 1 or 2 or 5 or 15 mcg but, the methyl-b12 tablets being sold separately?

again, the methyl-b12 tablets have 100 mcg or 500 mcg or more! do we need so much for daily maintenance? is this not dr. ray strand type hypervitaminosis approach?

are 5 or 10 mcg tablets of methy-b12 available?

is the RDA of b-12 different for cyano-b12 and methylb-12? I am really confused about this.

4. I do need methyl-b12 but, even 500 mcg gives heaviness/cramping pain (but very mild) on left side of head. is this due to low calcium (cerebral calcium) for years and will get ok with continued doses (LOW doses) of calcium and mb-12? what mb-12 dose will work best? 100 mcg?

5. it appears vitamin C somehow disturbs b-12 action. . is that right?

6. although calcium intake is helped by vitamin D. should added vitamin D be avoided in hyperactive cases like me? my BP is on higher side with very high thirst. personal experience says vitamin D is not ok. what do you say?

7. one website www.acu-cell.com seems to suggest that B6 increases magnesium (which did not help me). this website suggests that I avoid B1, B2, B3, B6. now, my personal avativeexperience is that common b-complex tabs (which have ALL B vitamins and B12 is cyano type. plus, folic aid) do not help me. I have sleep problems or get hyperactive. is this due to folic acid or cyano-b12 (or both) or effects of b1, b2, b3, b6 - which increase magnesium OR is this aggravation from common b-complex tabs due to the low calcium in the brain? recently, after I started calcium supplement - I did find that the b-complex tabs did not aggravate. however, after a few days -things went down hill (no thirst. blank head. but, Na levels ok). this was helped by m-b12. so, what do you make out of this? and, should I take B5 and B6 or avoid them?

8. omega-3 did help me for few months but, then started having heat flushes in soles. so stopped them. what do you say?

9. now the main issue but...my erections are very weak + very quick ejaculation. I also have hygiene fears in sex. I used to fantasize and like (to receive) oral sex a lot. but, as calcium and b-12 levels went down - erections became weaker and deeeep fear to oral sex came up. better mind now but, still cannot get over hygiene fears in oral sex. would like to have good erections + enjoy giving oral freely to her with no hygiene fears. can you help please.

I am a long-time sufferer (for 18 years). went through a lot and many ups and downs. I pray to docs/experts/suffers here to please help me with *final* answers to my above 9 questions. I have seen a lot of research stuff on internet and lots of theory and many tests and docs...please help me. what supplements etc. do I need to get back my life. please help.

(a good and intelligent but suffering guy)

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