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sterile/semi-sterile spouse? / happened pregnancy

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  • Posted By: confusedmiraclegirl
  • March 2, 2010
  • 10:34 AM


my story has been boggling my mind for almost 2 years now. i have had no support and have found no answers. only ignorant answers and misleading ones and ones that make me angry, sad, confused but mostly frustrated because people laugh in my face and call me ignorant or a ***t but i'm neither. i'm really just trying to find some answers. i know what i'm about to explain doesn't make sense but it happened. i need someone to believe me, or to empathize or to at least listen without a roll of eyes.

two years ago, i got pregnant. when i found out, i was about 2 months. it wasn't abnormal for me to miss a period or two and then get back on track and then miss 3 months, or whatever. basically, irregularity was normal. Until I started feeling sick, lack of energy...... . I took a hpt and it read positive....i was pregnant. I called my boyfriend of 3 years (now its been 5 and we're engaged) and told him. I was 18. Freaking out, crying, in disbelief, he calmed me down. We went to a doctor who confirmed I was in fact pregnant. Told me how far along and the whole bit. The whole time my boyfriend was acting strange. I figured because of the situation. Long story short, we were going to keep it, I get in a car accident and I loose the baby. devastation. lost of hope, etc. a two weeks later my boyfriend breaks up with me accusing me of cheating because he knew the baby wasn't his. i asked why he thought that. his answer: he's sterile. i burst into tears. we lost a miracle baby. i told him it was, i told him i did not cheat. and i did not cheat. that is a key point in this story... i am a faithful person in relationships and when it comes to friendships too. i love him more than anything on this planet. he is the air i breathe who i think about when i wake up in the morning and who i dream about at night. he is the most wonderful person i've ever met and we share a bond like nobody has ever seen.... family friends strangers tell us, but most important we know and cherish it ourselves. he didn't believe me at all. so we talked for hours, days, weeks, months about it. we looked through pictures, call logs, trips we took together going back even as far as a year. i even made a timeline and filled in as much as i could to prove i didnt cheat. long story short to my relief, he believed me...honest to god, anyone who is reading this, i didn't. but i got pregnant and he still claims to be sterile.

any explanation for this?

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