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Soooooo Tired and numb

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  • Posted By: KirstyD
  • June 8, 2009
  • 10:47 AM


I'm 24 and have been going to my GP for a numbr of years now complaining of being very tired and never feeling fully rested. I also have bad nights sleep and always feel too tired to get up in the morning. I have also been to my GP about numbness on my right side. mainly on my right outer thigh and my upper right arm below the elbow joint. My GP is concerned about my loss of sensation and I am going back to see him again next week so he can check variations in sensations. I have also previously been diagnosed with IBS and often have mood swings which other GP's have put down to depression which i know i am not depressed, i'm just frustrated about my lack of energy. I have had mumps in the past. I find myself feeling exhausted all the time and often feel weak. I sometimes find i can be stood around or walking and the earth feels like it moves underneath me. it's a bit like a bouncy castle sensation. I sometimes feel dizzy and a little sick and find it hard to get my bearings. I'm clumsy and often bang myself on things and have recently banged my leg in the same place 3 times in the same week. I find myself having short term memory problems and often can't find the right words when talking to people or people sound like they are mumbling. I also sometimes find it hard to register words and moving images. i have also suffered from anxiety attacks and heart palpitations for many years. I have also had tonsilitus on numerous occasions and am suffering from another bout of sinus congestion. i have had a number problems with my sinus' over the same period of my feeling tired. I am wondering if all of these symptoms are connected and what i need to be looking into with my gp for these symptoms.

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  • Have you ever been checked for sleep apnea?
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  • i have never been tested for sleep apnia 'cause my gp has always decided that i am sufferring from depression which i am finding really frustrating 'cause i have the willing to do things but never the energy. i often feel like the more i go to see my gp the more i come across as a hypocondriac but i know i am not 100% in myself and it's doing my head in that my tiredness is not being taken seriously. how would i approach my gp with the possibility of sleep apnia?
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  • I'm not sure how to get your gp to listen. Perhaps gather facts and symptoms and print them out.There may be something more to what your dealing with. Especially where the numbness comes in. Sleep apnea is a pretty common sleep disorder where the person stops breathing during the night and wakes frequently but they don't know it. So basically they're not sleeping during the night. But weird things can happen to you body when your brain doesn't get enough sleep. Check out these websites:http://health.discovery.com/encyclopedias/illnesses.html?article=3235 http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/s/sleep_apnea/intro.htm
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  • Also ask about anti-depresants. They worked for me with the tiredness.
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